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One of my favorite positions to work at the Wildlife Express train was conductor.  I got to ride the back of the train and give a spiel.  I also got to do a magical moment every train load if I wanted to.  The magical moment that I could do as conductor was to let someone say on the microphone “All Aboard” before we left the station.  This was something I did for just about every load.

One particular day I had a family of four boarded the last car and sat by where I stood to fulfill my role.  It was a Mom, Dad and two younger boys.  When I got on the train I asked the boys if they wanted to say “All Aboard” which they were very excited about.  They said “All Aboard” very enthusiastically.  As we left the station they asked if they could say some more sayings in the microphone so I gave them bits and pieces of my spiel to say in which they did a very good job with.  We got to Rafiki’s Planet Watch and the family got off the train.  The parents said thank you and they headed down the path to Conservation Station.

After about an hour of being conductor we were back at Rafiki’s Planet Watch to pick up guests when the family returned to back car where I still was in position as conductor.  The boys excitedly asked if they could talk into the microphone again.  I again let them say all aboard as well as had them help me give my spiel on the way back to Africa.

When we got back to Africa the parents again thanked me but this time they told me that the whole hour that they were at Rafiki’s Planet Watch with all the attractions to see there all the boys were talking about was getting to talk on the mic on the train and how excited they were to go back to the train to hopefully get to talk on the mic again.  They took a picture with me and went on there way.

I did this magical moment all the time but this was the first time I got to get feedback from guests on how my simple act went a long way in enhancing a families vacation.  Most of the time when you do a magical moment you get a thank you and the family goes on their way never to be heard of again.  It is a very cool experience to hear how what you did brightened someones day.  You may not get to see exactly how much your magic moment impacts a guests day but it feels good knowing you did something special for someone just because you could.

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