During my DCP, I worked as an attractions hostess at Mission:SPACE  in EPCOT. One day, I was working in an Orange, more intense bay (the one that spins). Part of our procedure for prepping incoming guests is to lead them to their pre-boarding circle so that they can watch the preflight  (warning) video. At this point, they have been told at least 3 times that this is a spinning ride and they shouldn’t ride if they get motion sickness, dizzy, etc, etc. After they find their spot, we have to go around and ask if everyone is ready.

I lead my astronaut trainees to their spaces and begin to walk back around to ask if everyone is ready (and give them a chance to bail.) I get around to this group of 8 really incredibly attractive 20-somethings. They are all ready to go, excited and joking around, expect this one tall beautiful brunette. She seems a little nervous, but everyone is egging her on to go on the ride. I ask her again if she is okay or if she would like to exit. Her friends answer for her that she is not leaving and definitely going on the ride. I ask her a third time and she replies that she guesses she’ll stay. I tell them good luck and continue my walk. 

The video ends, the doors open and everyone goes into the ride. Our final guest interaction before the ride starts is to go around and check restraints, ask them if they are ready (for the fourth or fifth or sixth time), and close each capsule. I get to the capsule of half of the attractive group and this girl is still giving me a panicked look. I ask her again if she would like to get off, all of her friends (from the capsule I’m looking in and the capsule behind me) say that she will stay. She sheepishly agrees. At this point, there is nothing more I can do. 

Fast forward to the end of the ride. We enter the Bay to welcome everyone back. I start walking my half of the circle and see this group get out. I ask them how it was and get into a mini conversation with 2 of the group. I look over one’s shoulder and see this girl get out of the capsule. She takes 2 steps towards where I’m standing and then falls face forward like a tower and lands on her chin. She is KNOCKED OUT. She busted her chin open on the fall and is passed out. We had to call an Alpha unit to come get her and she ended up being okay in the end except for the busted chin. 

We found out the next day that all the people in that group were face characters and that’s why they were so attractive. She was a princess and basically lost her face character role because of her face being messed up. I heard that she is probably stuck being a fur character unless she gets plastic surgery so that she doesn’t scar.

The moral of this story is to not give in to peer pressure and listen to your stupid friends when you’re about to be put in a CENTRIFUGE!!! It really is more intense!


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