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Hi there! My name is Arianna. I’m 20 years old, and I’m from Louisiana. I’ve lived in the same small town, in the same house, my entire life! It’s always been a dream of mine to go out and travel, see the world, and have once in a lifetime experiences. So when I heard about the Disney College Program, I knew it was for me! I first heard about the DCP about 10 years ago. One of my friends older siblings did it and she never regretted it. She even went back the following summer! So, once I got into college, I was literally waiting and waiting for my turn to apply. And so begins my Disney story.

I first applied for the DCP in February of 2015. I was so excited, my hopes were high (maybe a little too high), and I just knew I was going to get accepted. Before applying, I did some research and read that when they ask you for your preferences about where you’d like to work and what role(s) you would and would not be open to, to be very honest about it. So I did (and instantly regretted it). I did not give them many options to really place me in any of the parks because I was being “too picky”. (Take it from me, if you truly want to be accepted, if this is some kind of ultimate dream of yours, DO NOT be picky. Of course, if you truly don’t think you’d be able to handle it, by all means, don’t put something down that you really don’t want. But if you truly just want to go and have this experience, don’t be picky.) Weeks went by and I heard nothing. I didn’t get a web-based interview (WBI) nor did I get a phone interview. I had lost all hope. And just before the deadline was up that they gave us saying when the last day would be that we’d hear back from them, I got an email saying that I was no longer in consideration (NLIC). My dreams were crushed and I was devastated. A few days went by, and I decided that this was not going to be where I stopped. I was not satisfied. I WOULD get accepted to the DCP, one way or another. I promised myself I would apply one more time. So, the wait began for August to get here…..

I waited all summer, mostly not thinking on it. I didn’t wanna OVER think it. August got here, and to be quite honest, I forgot to be looking for the application for the Spring/Spring Advantage 2016 season to become available. How did I forgot? Well, I started my last semester of college (hence the reason why I could only try one more time to apply) around the time applications came out. Things were hectic and crazy and it just slipped my mind. But on August 26, 2015, I applied. And this time, I was not picky. [I also got promoted to a manager position over the summer (I work at Sonic) so this was also placed on my application.] I wasn’t hopeful, but I was hoping….if that makes sense. Anyways, when I was finished, I shut my laptop off and went to bed. I woke up the next morning, late for class as usual (name me one college student who isn’t almost always running late…. That’s what I thought. You can’t. Lol), and I jotted out the door. Jumped in my car, sped to class, got there 15 minutes late only to find my professor wasn’t there yet. (That’s actually happened more than one would think…) So, with my new found spare time, I decided to check my email. And in my email, was a link for my WBI!!!! I was so excited and happy, I almost cried right there in the parking lot waiting for my professor. (I’m not gonna lie. I skipped the rest of my classes that day just so I could go home and do my WBI.) So upon finishing my WBI (like immediately after), I was asked to do a phone interview! I don’t think I blinked for like 5 minutes. I swear.

So, I scheduled my phone interview for September 1, 2015 (6 days later), and in that time between my WBI and my phone interview, I did more research for questions they may ask during the phone interview. (This helped ALOT and I can post the questions later if y’all would like.) By the time my phone interview rolled around, I had an answer for every question she asked and I really felt good about it. (Side note; she called exactly at the time she was scheduled to.) And then, the real wait began. My interview process was over and I knew I just had to wait.

Well, today, September 23, 2015, exactly 22 days later, I got my acceptance letter for the spring advantage season of 2016!!!! My move in date is on February 1 and my departure date is on August 4. I will be working in quick service food. (I’m seriously hoping to get placed in the animal kingdom….fingers crossed!!) And I’m just so excited! But that’s as far as I’ve gotten. The rest of the process won’t be completed until a few weeks before I actually move in.

But my Disney story is just proof that you shouldn’t give up. Sure, things didn’t work out perfectly for me the first time I applied, but look at how things are going now! With a little faith, trust, and pixie dust, anything is possible!!

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