Everyone has a different perspective of Vista Way, but for my friend group, it is the most magical place on earth (not Disney World). It is a housing complex that houses hundreds of college students from around the world, with the majority being girls. This makes it a straight mans dream, and it’s actually been once ranked as the #2 easiest place to get laid in the United States by playboy. It’s non stop shenanigans, and an endless party (sponsored by natty light) that took place in the infamous “flamingo room” every. single. night. Not only did we have over 250 people cycle through our apartment for parties, but we would literally call out of work just to stay in vista and play flipcup. If done right, Vista Way can be the gateway to immense happiness, everlasting friendships, alcoholism, maybe the clap, and potentially a caved in floor from overloading that small apartment with a massive Halloween party, or DCP formal pregame (If you can pull that off, hats off to you because we came damn close. Mind you there are only 15 people allowed in your apt at one time).


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