Christmas Day at WDW: Spending Our First Christmas Away From Home

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holidayscpmomentsI got my schedule for Christmas week and what did wondering my eyes behold…even though I was working a boatload of hours that week, I actually had Christmas Day off!  Somehow, immediately people at work found out and started asking me to trade shifts with them so they could have the day off instead!  No way!

Our mom in Colorado sent us a huge box of Christmas treats and it came two days before Christmas.  There were chocolate chip cookies, small loaves of banana bread and cranberry bread, sugar cookies, brownies, oatmeal raisin cookies, peanut butter blossom cookies, miniature candy canes, packages of hot cocoa…all our favorite holiday cookies and treats!

We invited our CP friends over for a Christmas cookie and hot cocoa party at 9pm on Christmas Eve.  We turned our one strand of Christmas lights in our apartment at Chatham on and arranged all the cookies on the pretty green plastic tray our mom had included in the box.  We turned down the rest of the apartment lights and set up some holiday music to play on our iPad.

Our friends all arrived at the same time and it was wonderful!  In no time at all, we went from kind of mopey and down to filled with Christmas cheer.  Disney friends are the best!

My sister was in the CP program with me and she didn’t have Christmas day off.  On Christmas, she worked at DAK from 7:30am – 6pm, a long 10.5 hour shift.  The Animal Kingdom was staying open late with extended hours for the holiday week, not closing most nights until 9pm or 10pm.  Because of all the sick call-outs that holiday week, she was pulled out of the Island Mercantile store for PAC duty during parade time to help with crowd control.  That’s always exciting duty!  Nobody wants to be told that they can’t cross over the street during the middle of the parade.  But, she’s a toughie and holds them back behind the tape on the ground!

She was hoping for an early release on Christmas Day, but too many people called out “sick”.  DAK should have had 42 characters walking around that day, but 30 of them called out sick.  Of the three sets of Russell and Dug characters used in the meet & greets, all the Russell’s called out sick and only 1 Dug showed up!  The Jingle Jungle Parade at 3:30pm was very lean with very few characters on the floats.

After she got off, she waited for her bus for almost an hour, then sat in holiday traffic for almost two more hours!  Longest Christmas Day of her life ever!

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