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There are four Disney College Program Housing complexes. While all four of them have the same rules they are very different as far as layout and style goes. You may have heard or read that each complex has there own reputation. Vista Way is known for being the party complex. Over the years Vista Way has earned the nickname Vista Lay for obvious reasons. Chatham Square is known as the retirement center because people think that older CP’s stay there. The Commons used to only be for International College Program students but has since been opened up to everyone. ICP’s no longer have a dedicated complex. The fact is that all complexes have parties, they all have students ranging from all ages and they all have national and international CP’s alike.

You will hear all kinds of rumors about which apartments are better for partying or chillin or whatever but the truth is is that it all comes down to the type of CP’s living in the various apartments during any given program. I think Vista Way has earned the title of the party complex because it has been there the longest and in earlier years of the Disney College Program the rules were much looser therefore people had a lot more crazy parties.

I did two Disney Internships. On my first program I stayed at Vista Way and on my second program I stayed at Chatham Square. I can not say that I enjoyed one better than the other. I also can not say that there were more or less parties going on at either apartment complexes. While I was there I went to parties in all four of the complexes almost completely equally.

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What it really came down to for me was the atmosphere and style of the complexes. I liked the style of Vista Way better than Chatham but I liked the atmosphere of Chatham better than Vista. What I mean by this is that Vista Way had lots of palm trees and felt more like what I think of when I think of Florida and the atmosphere of Chatham seemed more relaxing in that it was not near a major highway or road and the buses were outside the complex so it was not as noisy. The apartments at Chatham seemed to be built better because I NEVER heard my neighbors above me (I was on the first floor) or next to me from inside my apartment. At Vista you could definitely hear your neighbors sometimes.

The Commons

The Commons

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One thing I liked about Vista better than Chatham was that Vista has washers and dryers on the first floor of every apartment building where as Chatham only had a few buildings dedicated to laundry and from my apartment I was right in the middle of 3 of them so no matter which one I went to it was a little bit of a walk to get there, not much of a walk but more than just going to the first floor of my building.

Building 33 Vista Way | Disney College Program Story

Front of Building 33 at Vista Way

Another really nice thing about Vista, especially if you do not have a car, is that Vista is walking distance to Walgreens, a gas station, Wendys and some other shops. Patterson Court and Chatham Square are kind of in the middle of nowhere. They are about a mile from anything. The Commons is right across the street from the outlet mall so that is one of the best things about The Commons as far as location goes.

Something you should know too is that not all apartments are the same size and I don’t mean how many rooms you have. When I was at Chatham I was in a one bedroom apartment. In fact all the apartments in the building I was in were one bedrooms however the apartments on the other side of the hall were much bigger than mine. I do not know why they built them that way but the apartments across the hall from me were almost twice the size of my apartment and they were both one bedroom apartments. So when you get there on check in day you might want to ask them for the bigger size apartments if available. They may tell you they are all the same size but I promise you they are not.

Make sure you do some research on amenities and the look to the complexes because this will help you decide better than rumors about which place is going to have more parties or things like that.


Patterson Court

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To get the apartment complex you most desire with the amount of bedrooms you most desire be sure to select a check in date earlier on in the programs check in dates. When you sign up or get accepted you will be given a choice of various check in dates. Choosing the earliest check in date will give you a higher chance of getting the housing preferences that you wish for. When you check in if they tell you they do not have what you desire then be persistent and ask them politely to see if there is anything they can do.

When I started my second program they told me they did not have any one or two bedroom apartments available. I stayed persistent and kept politely asking them if there was anything they could do and even though they did not really want to do this they put me in a one bedroom apartment with someone who only had a week left in their program. This worked out awesome because after my roommate left I did not get a new roommate for three weeks. It was great having the whole apartment to myself.

The downside though was when I got to my apartment my first roommate was at work and he had a goodbye party the night before so my apartment was completely trashed. I mean ridiculously trashed. There was over 15 different bottles of liquor and over 15 different types of beer cans everywhere. I was amazed that they could even fit so many people in that small apartment. Oh and there was a used condom in the bathroom so needless to say it was a bit of a shock when I first got there. When he moved out too he did not clean up anything really so I had to clean up. I spend a whole day almost cleaning up but when I was done the apartment looked like new and it felt really great to be there.

Vista Way

Chatham Square

Patterson Court

The Commons

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