Disney College Program (An Inside Look)

Work Hard Play Hard – Inside The Disney College Program

I found this video on YouTube about the Disney College Program. It is one of the better videos I have seen. This video is from Kenny G. A freelance photographer and video editor as well as television broadcasting major. He made this video while he was participating in the Disney College Program himself. He gives you an inside look as to what it is like to be on the Disney College Program. He also interviews some Disney College Program students.

Work Hard Play Hard is a 13 minutes long documentary about the Disney College Program.  He talks about both sides of coin, how at first he was not sure that the Disney College Program was right for him however the more research he did he realized that the he would take a leap of faith and try it out for himself.

What I like most about this video is he talks about the good and the bad and how what he got out of it is what he put into it.  I did two Disney College Program’s myself.  The difference between my second program and my first is that on my first program I just wanted to party and have a good time.  I had a great time but I did not get as much as I could out of my work experience.  My second program I decided to make it a work first experience.  I dove head first into my job and worked as hard as I could.

From my efforts I was presented the ServicEAR Award for Excellence.  My managers said they usually did not give this award to CPs but they felt good about giving it to me as a CP because of my hard work and positive attitude.  Really all I did was have one simple rule; I always said yes to my managers and coordinators.

The secret of my success was to make my working about the guests and not myself.  I always put the guest first and did everything my managers asked me to do.  I definitely still partied when I was not at work.  I had an awesome personal life and made lasting friendships on both of my Disney College Program’s.

The point is exactly what Kenny G. says in his video is you get what you put into this program.

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