One day at Greeter position at the Wildlife Express Train a boy wearing a safari hat who was about maybe 9 or 10 walked up to me and another College Program Cast Member and said: “My parents are lost.”  The boy was not scared of being by himself.  In his mind he was not lost, his parents were.

He had his park map looking at it in hopes that the map would help him find his parents.  The other Cast Member I was with asked the boy what his parents’ names were to which he responded: “I don’t know.  I usually call them Mom and Dad.” The other Cast Member there walked around the area with him for a few minutes looking for his parents.  They could not find them.

The boy and the other Cast Member came back to greeter position next to me and we all talked about where they might be and when we should call it in.  The boy mentioned that it was his parents and grandparents that were supposed to be right with him early but when he turned around they were all gone.

As we stood there talking, the boy saw his parents walking in our general direction.  He walked toward them and shouted, “where have you guys been!” He then went on scolding the adults for not being where they agreed to be.  This kid had confidence like I’d never seen before.  He put the adults in their place and they really had nothing to say except they were sorry.  The parents were visibly worried sick.  The boy was talking to them like he was the parent and they were the kids.

He wasn’t rude or anything and the family did not seem neglectful or anything like that.  I believe it was an honest mistake and perhaps might have been the boy who wandered off but at any rate, this kid had my admiration for how he handled himself.  Most kids who get lost at Disney would come to us crying and scared.  Not this boy though.

The other Cast Member that helped the boy gave the family a Magical Moment coupon for a free FastPass since it looked like the incident took about 5 years off their life.  She did a great job helping the boy and helping the whole family feel a little better about the whole situation.


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