Disney College Program Pools

Housing for the Disney College Program has many amenities, one of the being pools.  There are 5 pools in total; 2 pools at Vista Way, 1 at Chatham Square, 1 at Patterson, and 1 at The Commons.  The great thing is that no matter what complex you live in, you have access to all the pools.  Each pool has its own unique flavor from its size and shape and other aspects which I will go through now.

Let us start with probably the most well-known pool of the Disney College Program which is the main pool at Vista Way near the clubhouse and fitness center.

Vista Way Pool by the Clubhouse | Disney College Program Pools

Vista Way Pool Party

This pool is right behind the clubhouse basically in the center of Vista Way so it’s location is convenient for all in the complex no matter which building you live in.  There used to be a hot tub here as you can see in the background of this picture however, in 2012 it was removed.  The official reason is because of “rowdy cp’s” which of course translates to people having sex in the hot tub.  There were only two hot tubs in all of Disney College Program Housing which were both at Vista Way and were both removed in 2012.  This pool is relatively quiet being that it’s in the center of the complex you still do here some traffic noise but otherwise is fairly peaceful unless of course there is a housing pool party going on in which case they throw the party at this pool.

Next pool we will visit is also at Vista Way.  Right next to the bus stop is the other Vista Way pool

Vista Way Pool Near The Bus Stop | Disney College Program Pools

Vista Way Pool Near Bus Stop

This pool is in the front right corner tucked away right next to the bus stop making it not the most peaceful pool to visit.  You constantly here the noise from the buses engines and people getting on and off the bus.  As I stated earlier this pool used to have a hot tub right next to it but was removed in 2012.  If you live in the back left section of Vista Way this pool is as far away from you as you can get in Vista Way.

The next pool we will take a look at is at The Commons, which is also right next to their clubhouse.

The Commons Pool | Disney College Program Pools

The Commons Pool

 The Commons pool is located right next the clubhouse and fitness center.  It is a little bit quieter than the pool at Vista Way that is next to the bus stop however, it is close enough to the road where it still is somewhat noisy.  It is centrally located in The Commons complex so it is a fairly quick walk no matter what building you live at.

Let’s head over to Chatham Square and take a look at their pool.

Chatham Square Pool | Disney College Program Pools

Chatham Square has the quietest pool in all four Disney College Program Housing Complexes.  It’s located near the front right of the complex.  It is not near a bus stop and there are no apartment buildings facing making it a very peaceful pool to swim in.

The final pool we will be looking at here is also the newest pool in the newest of the four complexes located at Patterson Court.

Patterson Court Pool | Disney College Program Pools

As you can see from the picture, Patterson Courts pool is probably the fanciest looking pool of the five Disney College Program Pools.  This pool looks like it could be the pool at a 5-star resort.  It is however, the smallest of the 5 pools.  This pool is located basically in the center of Patterson Court.  One of the great things about Patterson Court and Chatham Square is that they are literally right next to each other so it is very easy to walk to whichever pool you want to use.  You basically had two of everything housing amenities wise since they are so close to each other.

In conclusion as a CP you have 5 pools at your disposal.  No matter which complex you live at you have a pool that you can enjoy that is always just a short walk away.  If you don’t love your pool you can always go to another pool at one of the other complexes using the bus, walking, or if you are lucky enough, driving your car.

Which Disney College Program Pool is your favorite and why?  

Tell us in the comments below!


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