Does Working At Disney Ruin The Magic?

Short Answer: No.  For a Disney College Program Student working at Disney will enhance the magic like you never imagined.

You might be thinking “I want to do the Disney College Program but I don’t want to ruin the magic.”  Have no fear because being on the Disney College Program makes Disney more magical than you could have ever imagined.

The Disney College Program is the closest thing to living at Disney World.

Why Some Cast Members Lose The Magic

I will say for some full timers that I have met the magic has been lost along the way for them.  Having a full-time career at Disney is very competitive but if you move up in the company can be very rewarding.  I personally feel like those who have lost the magic are those who do not want to move up in the company yet expect great pay for working fun jobs like working attractions in the parks.  I was going to pursue a career at Disney World after my Disney Internship, however, I realized that what I loved most about working for Disney was working the attraction I was at and interacting with the guests.  This position capped off at around 11  dollars (2011) an hour so if I really wanted to support my family and put my college degree to use I would have to move up in the company.  Which would have been fine except I saw how competitive it was to move up and knew I could start at a higher pay and move up quicker at another company so I chose that route.

For me the magic has actually been magnified since doing the Disney College Program.  Besides making such amazing memories I got to see things most people would never usually see so when I go to Disney on vacation I know what’s behind the scenes.  Plus it’s pretty cool being able to say “I’ve been underneath the Magic Kingdom in the tunnels”




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