Stories include:

While working food and beverage at Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Flame Tree Barbeque Emily was empowered to give out little cupcakes to the kids as magical moments.  Towards the end of the night one evening Emily made magic happen for a little girl.

While working merchandise at an outdoor hat shop near the Voyage of the Little mermaid at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Emily had an interesting question from a guest about what to do with the bubble guns.

At the same hat cart, a guest had a question about the map regarding an attraction that is not at Walt Disney World.

At Typhoon Lagoon Emily was faced with helping a family finding merchandise for characters that are not at Walt Disney World

While working at Sweet Spells, the bakery/candy shop at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  One day some guests had a request for an item that you might not normally associate with a bakery/candy shop.

At World of Disney at Disney Springs, Emily was at greeter position when she had a conversation with a quiet little girl who loved Ariel.  After about five minutes the girl told Emily something that might have been better to bring up at the beginning of the conversation.

While at Typhoon Lagoon Emily had an interesting experience trying ring up a swimsuit for a guest who made things difficult for her.  Emily tried to help the guest understand but the guest was having a trouble understanding the most basic instructions.



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