I used to work with this part-time Cast Member at the train and I always though he seemed a bit off.  He was a friendly guy but was one of those people who could not tell when he was making people feel uncomfortable.  When we had guests come on the train with ECV’s we would help back them into the proper spot.  Since we loaded guests with special needs first all eyes were usually on those guests already.  This particular Cast Member would tell special needs guests to put their hands up and scream as if they were on a thrill ride.  Sounds harmless but it always made the guests feel so awkward.

He would constantly make inappropriate comments to guests but not anything that was like cut and clear inappropriate just things that you don’t say to other people especially people you don’t know.  He was also one of those Cast Members who told the same joke over and over again all day long to every group of guests that came through.  Sure we all would repeat good Disney humor from time to time but you gotta pace yourself and any chance you get you should be coming up with new content so you don’t go crazy yourself.

One day I was talking to another full-time Cast Member about this other guy and he told me that he used to work at Pangani Exploration Trail and got moved to the train after an incident there.  Apparently what happened was a bunny got into the Meerkat area and the Meerkats attacked the bunny in front of many guests both young and old.  Well, this quick thinking Cast Member decided that the best course of action would be to start throwing rocks at the Meerkats to get them to stop attacking the bunny, which by this point it was too late anyways.

As you can imagine I was surprised they did not fire the guy but instead, they just moved him to a large train where the only animals he could hurt were humans.

The worst thing he did though was he made an elderly man cry at the train one day.  This sweet old man came through on an ECV.  This Cast Member loaded him on the train making him feel uncomfortable by doing his stupid thrill ride load and then proceeded to make comments to other guests about how the guy was there all alone in a condescending tone.  Who knows and who cares why that guest was there by himself it was totally out of line for this Cast Member to make him feel bad for that.  Based on the guys age he could have been there alone because his loved one passed away and maybe they used to go to Disney together every year or something.  Again it doesn’t matter why it was so wrong what this Cast Member did.  He did get reported by most of us who were there that day.  We did not see him again after that.

Not every Cast Member is a winner but as long as they do not make the guests experience bad and are keeping them safe then I see no need to fire them however when you cross the line like this guy did you deserve to get let go, not just moved, but let go.  There are plenty of good people who want to work for Disney that can fill that position.


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