New Housing Apartments For The Disney College program Coming?

Looks like Disney is planning to add a 5th complex to the Disney College Program. A 3 phase plan for the Flamingo Crossings project which will be a new shopping area and value resorts on the 450 acres of land just west of 429 off of Western Way. If you aren’t familiar with Western Way it is a road that goes in between Coronado Springs and the back of the Animal Kingdom. If you were to take a right while exiting Coronado Springs you would quickly come to Western Way where you can turn right on to the road and take it down to 429.

Anyone who has ever gone down this road gets to the end of it and it looks like there were or are plans for it but up until now there is just nothing there.  It is slightly eerie.  You go from being at near center of the Disney property to the end of the developed property and the road you take, Western Way, is empty all the way down.  There is nothing there except a distinct animal smell due to being behind the Animal Kingdom.  At night this road feels like a road you are not meant to be on.

I think it is a great use of land to add more resorts and shopping over in that area because there really is nothing there right now and it’s about as far opposite on Disney property from Disney Springs so it makes sense if ever Disney was to add another Disney Springs like shopping experience that they do it on opposite ends of their land.

Flamingo Crossings Walt Disney World Western Way 429

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It is said to be zoned to build 1,300 units of “Multi-Family” housing. That’s anywhere from 2,600 CP’s, if they were all 1 bedroom apartments, to 10,400 CP’s, if they were all 4 bedroom apartments. Even at the lowest number that should be enough housing to help eliminate the need for this 3 people in 1 room situations that are currently happening and in my opinion are aweful. It’s hard enough to have 1 direct roommate in 1 room with you. To have 2 other people in that same space is just not cool if you ask me.

As far as using this land for another Disney College Program Housing Complex I think it is a terrible location. One thing about being part of the Disney College Program is the togetherness with other students. Currently Vista Way is the furthest from the other 3 complexes but all are within walking distance of each other. I think this is important to keep the unity of the program in tact. Building a housing complex in that location is on completely opposite sides of Disney property. If you were a CP and had a friend in the new complex but you lived in say Chatham it would take you about 20 minutes by car to get there. Most CP’s are going to take the bus though so it would take hours to get together and hang out with a friend. While I was a CP my best friend lived in Patterson and I lived in Chatham. I loved that we could just show up at each others front door and either go do something somewhere or just chill at the complex.

I know this seems trivial but I think it is a real disservice to CP’s to have a housing location that cannot be walked to. In my experience you are going to have friends in every complex and if you don’t have a car it is going to make it difficult to get around and even if you do have a car this proposed location is far enough away that those CP’s living there are going to be kind of off in their own world.

I think the Disney College Program should build a new Housing Complex but I think they should rethink the location and keep it near the other 4 complexes.

What do you think about where a 5th Disney College Program Housing Location should be? Do you think it should be close to the other 4 complexes or do you think it even matters? Let us know in the comments below



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