Rain at Walt Disney World is inevitable.  Accepting a position with Disney on the Walt Disney World College Program means you accept a role but you have no idea where at Walt Disney World you are going to be located.  You could be positioned anywhere at Disney that your role is part of.

No matter what role you get there is always one thing that will be a factor; weather.  You could be positioned inside, outside or your position could be a mix of the two.  Anyone who knows anything about Florida knows it rains there.  A lot!  So there will definitely be rain at Walt Disney World.

Mickey and Minnie in the Rain | Rain at Walt Disney World | Disney College Program

Disney provides you with rain gear as well as coats, gloves, and hats for when it gets cold.  Its all part of the Disney Look.

If you have the choice for rain gear between the two piece jacket and pants or the long coat I highly recommend getting the long coat.  It’s a lot easier to get on and off plus more often than not it’s not going to rain at Walt Disney World for too long so a long raincoat you can easily put on and take off is ideal.  Also, the long coat breathes much better.  The two piece rain gear was very hot.  Imagine putting on basically a plastic suit in the hot humid weather of Florida when there is rain at Walt Disney World.  At that point, you get so hot that being wet becomes welcome.

PRO TIP:  Make sure you get your rain gear and cold weather gear before it rains or gets cold.  You never know when it’s going to rain at Walt Disney World so that’s an obvious one to be prepared with.  The cold weather gear is best to get before it gets cold so you have pick of the better gear.  A lot of times you might have newer jackets and older jackets for your area so if you wait until it gets cold the better gear is going to get snagged up first.

I learned from my first program to put an extra pair of socks in my locker.  On my first Walt Disney World College Program, I worked at the Magic Kingdom where I moved between a few rides a day doing Fastpass.  One of the worst of my positions to be in the rain at Walt Disney World was Haunted Mansion merge point (right where the standby line meets the Fastpass line).  Whenever it would rain at this position it would basically flood enough to soak my shoes and socks.  It was pretty annoying because it would pour for like ten minutes, just long enough to flood the area and soak my socks.  Then for the rest of the day, I had wet shoes and socks.

PRO TIP: Keep an extra pair of socks in your work locker if you are in an outdoor position.

On my second program, I had an extra pair of socks in my locker (or my car) so I never had to go the whole day with wet feet.  I had started out on my second program with the two piece rain gear and it was so hot.  It would fog up inside the suit and I would sweat and get soaked anyways so it was become a moot point to have it on at all.  It did not take long for me to go back to Costuming and get a long coat for the rain.  Once I had the long coat I did not mind the rain at all.  The coat kept me dry and I find it fun working in the rain at Walt Disney World, especially at the Wildlife Express train at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

On a regular day, I would say the train was the slowest attraction (even though it wasn’t really an attraction it was transportation to Rafiki’s Planet Watch).  When it would rain at Walt Disney World the train would become so slow we often took one of the two trains off the track and sent a good amount of the crew home.  I never offered to go home because driving that train in the rain was super fun.  When you came into the station you would slide like crazy so it became a fun challenge for me to get the train to stop at the right place in the rain.  I overshot the landing by a little a couple times but never enough that guests could not get off the train.

To sum it all up, make sure you are prepared.  Bring extra socks, get your rain gear and your cold weather gear on day one, and talk to some of the full time Cast Members to see if they have any other costuming tips for your area.  They are the ones who will know what the best gear to get is.


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