Saying Goodbye the CP Way

The end of the Disney College Program is one of the saddest things I have ever had to go through that did not involve someone I cared about passing away.  It was very emotional when my program came to an end because it was so magical for me.  Everyone seems to have a different way of saying goodbye.  For me and my group of CP friends, it was Wishes at Magic Kingdom.  Wishes is my favorite fireworks show out of any fireworks show I have ever seen.  It was a perfect way to say goodbye to the friends I made.  A magical conclusion to a magical experience.

Saying Goodbye The CP Way | Wishes at Magic Kingdom | Disney College Program

Saying Goodbye The CP Way

I started my program on August 11th 2010 and extended my program to stay until May 13th 2011.  I was so happy I got to extend my program.  It was perfect timing because I had just graduated college when I started my Disney College Program and I absolutely loved my job at the Wildlife Express Train at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  The hardest thing about extending your Disney College Program is that it is bitter sweet because half way through your program you have say goodbye to most of your friends.

The Pros and Cons of Extending Your Walt Disney World College Program

Since the program starts are staggered so are the end dates so for the first week of January I saw wishes just about every night of the week because everyone wanted to go see it as their last thing they did before they had to depart from Disney as a CP.  For a while after that I was afraid to go see Wishes because it began to represent someone leaving lol.

The weirdest thing about extending your Disney College is the transition between programs.  All your friends who you started with are gone for the most part unless you made friends with some International College Program students which I highly recommend!  Shout out to my friends from Africa!  LOL.  Anyways you go to work and it honestly feels like a place you have never been before.  The magic at work seems to reset and you go through a weird state.  It does not last though.  New CPs come in and you at first say “this group is not as good as the group I started with” but with a little bit of time you end up loving them just as much as you did the first group.  It is never the same as at first but its still great, just different.

My Last Day at The Disney College Program
5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Disney College Program

Never the less no matter how long you stay you eventually have to say goodbye.  The Disney College Program is such a bitter sweet experience because like all experiences it has to end.  Do something special with your friends at the end like I did with my friends and going to see Wishes.  More importantly, do not wait until the end to do everything you want to do.  Go hard the entire time you are there.  Stay up late and get up early.  Fill your days with as much Disney and CP friends as you can.  One semester of the Disney College Program will fly by you in a blink of an eye and when it is over all you have left is your memories.  Make them magical memories.

How did you say goodbye to Disney and all of your friends?  Post a comment below!

Fireworks from Wishes at Magic Kingdom, Illuminations at Epcot and Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios | Disney College Program

What was the last fireworks show you saw as a CP? Wishes at Magic Kingdom, Illuminations at Epcot or Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios?


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