I was at the Magic Kingdom one day with some CP friends. We were in Frontierland and my friend Mike wanted to get an ice cream cone.

He paid for his ice cream cone and as we was putting his mouth on the ice cream to take his first bite a seagull came flying in to take a bite as well.

The seagull flew straight into the ice cream with it’s mouth open most likely thinking it could snatch it and fly away.

Instead what happened was that the seagulls entire head went into the ice cream and the seagull fell to the ground, flapping around blinded and confused from the ice cream. After a couple seconds of this the seagull flew away.

The way the seagull flew away made me think it was actually embarrassed lol.

All the while my friend stood their with his mouth still open with a destroyed ice cream cone in his hand looking shocked as to what just happened.

I could not stop laughing. Disney is awesome though because they replaced his ice cream cone right away. My friend was on edge every time he heard a seagull caw lol.


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