Olivia Simone shares some stories about crazy guests that she encountered on the Disney College Program as a Walt Disney World Cast Member.

  • The first story about taking a picture for some guests who were wanting to take a good picture for their Christmas card when Grandpa gets weird.
  • The second story about the first time doing a new location with a new costume when a mom and son who only speaks Spanish comes up to her and the son starts to get weird.
  • The third story about how Olivia was hanging out with her good pal Piglet at Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom on Thanksgiving night when a kid gets creepy.

Cast members run into all kinds of strange situations with guests.  Some them are angry, some are just weird and some are good.  You really get the whole spectrum from good to bad but with the bad you do get extreme situations that will stick will you for the rest of your life.




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