Disney Point – Cast Members at Walt Disney World are taught to point with two fingers.  It is considered rude to point with one finger which is why Cast Members do the Disney Point or they can use their whole hand flat and open in a guiding direction.  These methods are meant to be non-threatening to guests from all over the world.

Calling Kids Princess or Prince – Cast Members are not required to call guests of any age Princess or Prince.  It is encouraged to greet them in such a way though to create a magical moment for young guests as well as not so young guests.  Cast Members love to call kids especially Princess or Prince because it is one of the best ways to engage with the young guests and make them feel special.  Another thing you might see a Disney Cast Member do is to get down on one knee to be eye level with young guests as not to speak down to them but to be on the same level as them and appear non-threatening.

Talking about it, Thinking about it, and Dreaming about going back – From the moment I got home the Disney College Program, I was dreaming about going back.  Five months was not long enough.

Every day since I have been home from the Disney College Program I think about it.  There is no limit to what will trigger a memory from my program.  I talk about it all the time.

Wishing You Could Go To A Disney Park – One of the perks of being on the Disney College Program is that you are able to go to any of the four Walt Disney World Parks for free whenever you want (excluding black-out dates).  After being on the Disney College Program for a little while you get used to just going to a park whenever you want, it becomes normal.

When you get home back to the real world you realize how boring real life is without having the Disney Parks in your life anytime you want.  Being able to go to a Disney Park anytime you want is, in my opinion, the number one perk of being a Cast Member.  When you have this ability you can never be bored.

Using Disney Lingo to Talk About Walt Disney World – As a Cast Member, you use a bunch of acronyms and codes to communicate.  For the rest of your life after you Disney College Program, those acronyms will stick with you, especially when you type/text.

Using Military Time Or As I Like To Call It, Disney Time – OK this one might not be for everyone because even after months of working for Disney, many people still do not look at Disney time and automatically translate it to A.M./P.M. time, however, that won’t stop many of you from wanting to keep it in your life.  My phone and watch are all still set for Disney Time and even though I still have to stop and think about it, I still keep it that way because it is a small reminder of my time at Disney that I always want to hold on to.

Starting most of your stories with “When I was at Disney…” – You will find that a good amount of your conversations with people can, in one way or another, be related back to your Disney College Progam experience which will cause you to start many of your conversations with “When I was at Disney…”


Being Disappointed By Fireworks – Walt Disney World has the best fireworks shows in the world.  It’s not just fireworks it’s the fireworks combined with music, sets, lighting and a story that grabs you by the emotional balls.  As a CP you can see these wonderful shows anytime you want to.  When you get home you won’t be able to see any fireworks shows often, and when you do none of them will ever live up to your standards.  I live near Chicago so we go downtown for the fireworks for the Fourth of July often.  Many consider Chicago to have a great Fourth of July fireworks show.  I can tell you first hand that they don’t come close to Disney’s displays.  While I watch the fireworks anywhere else now I find myself comparing them to Disney’s as I reminiss about being a CP and the countless times I watched Wishes, Fantasmic and Illuminations.

Judging Other Theme Parks – Everything about Disney is the best of the best.  No other theme parks do it like Disney.  I’m a big fan of Universal Studios and if any other theme parks come close to Walt Disney World it would be Universal Studios, however, they still fall short of Disney.  From the Cast Members to how they hide backstage and the outside world from view no place does it better than Disney.  Most of us when we move back home only have like a Six Flags close enough to go enjoy a day at.  While they are the best we have, and I do enjoy going to the one near Chicago I still judge the hell out of it.  It is dirty, the Cast Members are a majority of people who enjoy their jobs as much as people at Walmart enjoy their jobs, the theming could be better, I can see the backstage, etc.  All these things combined with the characters and stories are what make Walt Disney World magical.  The magic is what I find lacking at even Universal Studios.  Like I said I love Universal Studios and to a point it is a magical place but it still doesn’t match the magic of Walt Disney World.

Singing/humming the area music from your location – Each land and ride has its own unique music called “Area Music.”  Next time you go to Walt Disney World pay attention to the sounds around you.  As you walk this the park you will notice the music changes to keep with the theme of the location and attraction.  Imagine being a Cast Member who is there hearing the same area music every day.  You can bet that music is going to get stuck in your brain permanently.  I still have the Peter Pan area music in my head from when I worked there in 2002.

Jumping in conversations about Disney uninvited – You never know where you are going to be when you hear someone talking about Disney.  Whether you are at work, school, church, the store or anywhere in public, Disney conversations can spark up and when they do it is nearly impossible to ignore them.

Getting emotional when you see the castle at the beginning of a Disney movie – When I am watching a Disney movie and the opening with the castle plays with the music I almost always feel emotional.  This also happens when I see a Walt Disney World commercial come on as well.  Walt Disney World commercials are the only commercials I won’t skip while watching TV.

Correcting people who get Disney facts wrong especially when people call Disney World, Disneyland – I try to stop myself or let this one slide altogether, however, I’d be lying if I said it did bring my brain to a halt when I hear people call Disney World, Disneyland.  Similar to when people call the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World.

I was talking to a coworker the other day and she is going to Disney World in the fall.  In one sentence she said “When we go to Disneyland we are going to go to Animal Kingdom the first day, Epcot the second day, Hollywood Studios the third day and Disney World the last day.  I didn’t correct her directly I simply said “You are going to have a blast!  Magic Kingdom is my favorite of the 4 parks at Disney World.”

Obviously, it is harmless for people to make those mistakes but for us Disney lovers the names are special to us and want others to know the proper names.

Honorable Mentions – Have a magical day, 101, 102, 107, Alpha Unit, Code V, Signal 70


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