This is to anyone struggling.

I came into this program as my dream and I was so happy to accomplish it. I expected it to be somewhat easy and a ton of fun. The first few shifts I had I felt overwhelmed and I wanted to go home at the end of each night. I had a few experiences that I hope to inspire anyone who feels the way I did.

1. Began with a little boy in a suit, I asked him if he was dressed up for a special event. His mother informed me he loves dressing up and has autism, I bent down on my knee and he sat on my leg and hugged me and kissed my cheek. I told him he is a prince and got pins and buttons for the family. The mother and grandmother cried saying he doesn’t go to anyone like that.

2. Second situation, I met a little boy last night who wasn’t looking at his dad for a picture I used a plush goofy made it dance on the dads head and he looked and was laughing, I put a mad hatter hat on and he found that to be hilarious as I was dancing around.

3. I told my coordinator a few days ago how I was feeling, and he took the time to talk to me in person and responded to my email.

4. I met a princess tonight named rooke. Her mother was looking in the section I was in. I saw it was the princesses birthday, I got her pixie dusted, let her talk to goofy and gave her a birthday pin. She wanted to get pixie dusted again to get another wish, I said of course. She was wishing for a horse and Elsa powers. Her mother asked to speak to my manager and I noticed she was crying, I thought something was wrong and as I heard her compliment me, and said the vacation was worth it. I started tearing up as well.

5. My leader pulled me aside tonight to tell me I have been doing a good job interacting with guests, and she could tell I have been hard on myself.

So if you want to go home don’t. Take every day, every shift and look at it as a great opportunity to make magic, because making a guests experience will make yours as well, getting pins, making magical moments is our character, it’s who we are and what we do. I know the stress and anxiety at times can be a lot to handle but it is worth it when you see a child’s face light up because of you💕


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