Building 33 Vista Way | Disney College Program Story

Front of Building 33 at Vista Way

On my first Disney College Program in 2002 I stayed at Vista Way in 3311.  It was towards the back of Vista by the pavilion across from the basketball court.  We were on the third floor and our apartment was on the side away from parking.  Out our window was a courtyard and walk ways.

I used to take the ashtray outside our apartment and fill it up with water balloons so I would always be ready lol.  I would launch water balloons at people all the time.  The best shot I ever took was this one day my roommate had to leave for work and his friend was coming over to our apartment to pick up a pair of shoes he had borrowed.  When his friend left with the shoes I sat down on my couch and resumed watching the TV.

A few seconds later I realized it would be a good idea to launch a water balloon at his friend.  By the time I got outside, grabbed a water balloon and made my way to the front of the building facing the parking lot the guy was already way down the lot about to get into his car.  I figured there was no way I was going to hit him from that far away but I launched a hail Mary anyways.  Now usually I would throw the water balloon and hide and just wait to hear people screaming to know whether or not I hit them but this time I just stood there in plain site as the water balloon moved towards my roommates friend all dressed up and ready for work.  The water balloon ended up nailing my roommates friend directly in the back of the head soaking him from head to toe.  He turned around and looked me directly in the eyes.  I realized he obviously saw me and I turned around and went inside.

Later that night I had forgotten about it when my roommate came home.  He was not very happy with me for soaking his friend with a water balloon but at the same time he could not help but laugh.  So if you are that guy and you are reading this I am sorry for soaking you before work I do feel bad about that but I do love this story lol.  Also if you were living in Vista Way in the Spring of 2002 and got hit by a random water balloon near building 33 that was me and I am also sorry to you all as well.  Especially since I really liked to throw water balloons and nights everyone was dressed up nice for Pleasure Island.


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