When Pleasure Island used to be open it was free for CP’s on Thursday nights.  I enjoyed going to Pleasure Island with my friends every now and then.  Most of the time I would not stay until close because I usually did not have Friday’s off.

One Thursday night in March during spring break time I happened to have Friday off, it was my only day off that week.  So we decided to go to Pleasure Island that night.  Since it was during spring break as you can imagine it was packed like I had not seen it before.  We went hard in the clubs the whole night.  It was a great time.  I was with my 3 roommates and a group of other friends from building 33 at Vista Way plus even more friends of friends.

We were at Motion when they were closing and pushing everyone out into the streets of Pleasure Island.  Usually, they would close the clubs and let people wander the streets until they decided to leave.  Since it was spring break they had a live band playing out on a stage in the street.  As the clubs were emptying out there was a crowd forming around the band but everyone was kind of just standing around except one girl.

There was one girl probably in her late 30s who was trashed and dancing by herself.  Everyone was standing around watching the band and watching this one completely wasted girl having the time of her life.

I decided I would jump and dance with this girl cause I thought it was hilarious.  After I jumped in a was dancing for a few seconds my roommates and friends joined in.  I looked around and saw our whole group dancing around this drunk chick having a great time.  Before I knew it everyone who in the area was dancing having a great time.  I don’t remember how long this went on before they cut the music and finally kicked everyone out but we all had a blast.

Those of us who CP’s who were there walked back to the busses.  We realized the party didn’t have to stop there so we went back to Vista Way and went to some random CP’s apartment and partied all night.

This was the most memorable experience I had at Pleasure Island on the Disney College Program and was probably the best after party I have ever been to.  Aint no party like a CP party cause a CP party don’t stop.  Just that one night I made more friends than I ever have in one night.


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