Does Disney Drug Test For The Disney College Program?

Does Disney drug test for the Disney College Program?


DISCLAIMER: This post is not intended to advocate or encourage drug use.  The point of this post is to merely inform people to make an informed decision.  Especially since for instance marijuana is legal even in Florida however with Disney’s zero tolerance policy, it doesn’t matter if you have a prescription for it.  If you fail the drug test for pot you can be termed from the Disney College Program even if you have a medical card for it.  

Personally, I’m against drug testing and I would hate to hear someone with a legal medical card thinking their legitimate prescription would clear them of showing positive for marijuana got termed because of it on their first week of the DCP.  It is a lot of preparation, time and money to uproot your life to do the Disney College Program.  Disney should really address this issue head on and let students know that because of their zero tolerance policy that even if you have a medical card and test positive for weed you can be termination.  Not to mention anyone from a state where recreational pot is legal they can get into trouble too.  It’s a pretty messed up situation if you ask me.

UPDATE 8/24/2017

After polling the new arrials for the Fall 2017 Disney College Programs here are the results:

No – 261

Yes – 142

Same rules as before apply.  If you’re in a safety critical position you have a 99% chance of being drug tested.  You wont know your exact position till you get there so if you are in attractions you could be working at an attraction that is not a safety position like a show for instance.  Lifeguards will alwways be tested.  Then they do random testing across all types of positions.

Based on those numbers overall you have a better chance you wont be tested but the chances you will be tested are still significant.  I’m not advocating drug use but you’re almost guranteed that after check-in there is almost zero chance of being tested.  So if you can, get clean before check-in then after check-in you can use whatever you want with almost no chance of being drug tested during your Disney College Program.

UPDATE 2/13/2017

I checked in with CP’s who just started their Disney College Program in 2017 and from those who answered my poll “Did you get drug tested to be a CP?”

62 people said YES and 106 people said NO.

They told me that it depends on your role.  Lifeguards, Transportation, Attractions, Watercraft or any other safety critical role gets drug tested as well as it can be totally random.  However, of that group surveyed one person did say they are in an Attractions Role and that they were not drug tested.

So while you have a higher probablity of being drug tested in the above mentioned roles it is still not guaranteed for some safety roles that you will be drug tested.

From what I have gathered though Lifeguards for sure will be drug tested


Every now and then I get asked whether or not Disney drug tests the College Program students. The answer is they might. I would say you have better chances that they will not drug test you but there is a chance they could.

I did two Disney Internships in an Attractions Role and both times (in 2002 and 2010) they did not drug test me. They did do a security screening with fingerprinting but no drug test.

In fact on my second program in 2011 someone lost a bag of weed in the Cast Member area of the attraction I worked at and they did not do a drug test then either. All the full time Cast Members were sure we were going to get a drug test and we never did.

Facebook Survey Results

I personally was not drug tested and no one I knew got drug tested but I still wanted to be sure so I went on Google and did some searching. I found that there were a handful of peope who said that they were drug tested.

I then took it one step further and jumped on Facebook and asked everyone in the Disney College Program groups I belong to. The results in a nutshell are that most people were not drug tested but a handful of them were. Below is the feedback I got. Names have been changed to Anonymous:

Group 1

Anonymous – Nope and was there in 2001….I have to say makes sense though. I remember them saying to us underage folks and just breaking rules in general “there are thousands who apply and people are dying to be in your spot” about 0 tolerance.

Anonymous – I did not in 2011

Anonymous – I was a cp in 08 and stayed as FT for another 6 years and never heard of that.

Anonymous – I was there in 2001 and they did not test. If they did all of the punks I lived with would have been sent home the first week.

Anonymous – 2007 and no they did not

Anonymous – I was a guard in ’09 and wasn’t tested

Anonymous – It would cost them WAY too much money to drug test that many CMs and new hires. Not worth it.

Anonymous – I got drug tested & I work in Parking!

Anonymous – What year did you do your program?

Anonymous – I wasn’t tested but I had a friend who denied testing in their original role as main gate and they just switched roles for him. 2013

Anonymous – Nope. 1997 fall program worked at GMR

Anonymous – No I didn’t 2001

Anonymous – 95 thru 99…lifeguard. ..never tested

Anonymous – CP Fall 96 Muppets attraction & Fall 97 Guest Relations and full-time until 2001 in GR and VIP Tours- never drug tested. Kind of surprising with VIP Tours since you are dealing with high-profile guests (who may deal with substance abuse…) and driving…See More

Anonymous – 2004 lifeguard. Not tested

Anonymous – Nope you good smile emoticon foods any wats

Anonymous – Spring 2015 lifeguard. Tested

Anonymous – Not in 1991

Anonymous – I haven’t checked, but what has been the reaction on the legit alumni page. Cause you are totes getting tested now.

Anonymous – No, never. They didt not do that in 2003/2004 as far as I know.

Anonymous – Worked in 2013 and got drug tested. I was a park greeter at DHS

Group 2

Anonymous – I got drug tested in 2010. Everyone did on check in day. They did the mouth swab and found out immediately. I’m not sure how you avoided it.

Anonymous – I did a program in 2006. No drug test. I also went on to work full time for Disney for 4 years and was never drug tested.

Anonymous – I did the program in 2005 to 2006 and I never was drug tested

Anonymous – 2006 and 2008 programs with no drug tests

Anonymous – 2014-2015 merch no

Anonymous – 2003 and never tested

Anonymous – Programs in 2006/2007/2008/2009 no drug test. Went seasonal in 2009 no drug test, and part time in 2011 no drug test.

Anonymous – Thats weird that you did get tested. I wonder if they picked certain check-in days to test. I checked in on Aug 11th, I was in attractions and I don’t know anyone who checked in with me got tested. Not too mention no one I hung out wit…See More
17 hrs · Like

Anonymous – You get drug tested if ur in recreations like life gaurd children activities forsure and some attraction idk how they decide which ones are worthy of testing

Anonymous – yeah cause my roommate was a life guard in 2010-2011 and I just asked him and he said he was never tested either.

Anonymous – Maybe it is random. Because I remember when I checked in, I had never done drugs but was nervous about it. I was in merchandise.

Anonymous – Weird I guess it’s random but I did 2012 and 2014

Anonymous – I thought Disney did away with drug testing in the 70s because all of the imagineers were failing them lol.

Anonymous – The college program website says they drug test for certain roles and randomly for others.

Anonymous – Yeah not too mention I drove the train at the Animal Kingdom and was not tested so if that’s not heavy enough machinery I don’t know what is lol. I met lots of people who smoked pot while I was there. I think that it would cost them a small fortune t…See More

Anonymous – I didn’t in 2009-2010 but only my friend who worked attractions got tested in 2013

Anonymous – When I was fall 2013 attractions they drug tested everyone who was attractions any a few other roles

Anonymous – 2006 CP and seasonal for 3 years after, never tested.

Anonymous – ICP here from 2011 – 2012. No drug test

Anonymous – Dcp 2014 no drug test

Anonymous – DCP fall 2011… not tested.


As you can see from the results above there were very few people who actually got drug tested.

It does look like the ones who did get tested were on programs that started 2010 or later so maybe they are doing it more each year.

If you think about it drug tests are expensive and if Disney wants to fire you they can fire you for absolutely no reason at all.

So to begin with they have thousands of students apply for the college program each semester. It would cost them a small fortune to drug test all those students.

Its cheaper for them to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and then if you get caught with it or suck at your job because of drugs or any other reason for that matter they can just send you home.

They would lose a lot more to have to drug test everyone.

They do state that they reserve the right to drug test you if they want so it is possible.

Having said all that, Disney does not allow drugs into their housing complexes and if you get caught with drugs you will be kicked off the program in a heartbeat. You have to sign an agreement saying you wont use drugs.

In my experiences on the program if you are quiet and do not cause problems security is not going to randomly show up at your door to check your apartment for drugs or whatever.

I knew people who smoked weed everyday in their apartments on the college program and never once had a problem. They were quiet and careful about it and didn’t advertise it in everyones face plus everyone in the apartment was cool about it.

I also knew people who smoked weed in their apartments and were quite and respectful about it but did not get along with one of their roommates and the roommate reported them to security. Security came and found the weed and pipes and my friend got kicked off the program.

Bottom line is if you are going to be drug tested it will be when you first arrive so you are better off to just get clean before your arrival. However, if you can not bring yourself to get clean ahead of time then bring a bottle of something that can clean you up for a test. I have read that a lot of people were told the time they would need to take the test in which case some ready clean or whatever would be perfect although I have also read some people got drug tested with a mouth swab at check in day so the ready clean wont do you any good in this situation.

Your chances are low that you will be tested but if you want peace of mind then arrive clean then you can do whatever you want after you take your test or find out they are not going to test you.

I’m not trying to say to do drugs or not do drugs. I want this article to be peace of mind for those who have a habit. I do not believe that being a pot head automatically means you can not do your job. I think drug testing overall is a bogus practice for jobs. I know people who did lots of drugs and were amazing at their jobs. Not only did they do their job well but they excelled above others. Obviously this goes both ways but it comes down to the persons attitude and not whether or not they do drugs or not.

The Disney College Program is powerful and can change a persons life. I don’t think that it’s fair to someone who is willing to work hard and do their job to the max to be excluded because of what they may smoke weed on their own time. I would say alcohol causes people to miss work way more often than weed ever did. We all know people who call in sick to work the day after a holiday because they drank to much and are hungover but that rarely happens to someone if they just smoked up the night before.

Anyways I’m coming off my soapbox. I hope this article spread some peace of mind to those who were wondering about drug testing for the Disney Internship.

Tell us your experience with drug testing and the Disney College Program or if you have questions leave them in the comments section below. Were you drug tested for your Disney College Program? Do you know anyone that was tested?

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