If you are one of original MKCP alum you have memories of Snow White Village.  Eight cast members crammed into a double-wide trailer.  I was very close with several of my trailer-mates.  Cast talent shows that started after midnight.  The private cast member lake.  I was luckily to be an attractions hostess at the Carousel of Progress and If You Had Wings.  I had great workmates and we had a lot of fun on the job.  Some of us got to play tourists for a EPCOT commercial before it opened.  
Being in the MKCP program has always gotten attention when changing jobs.  20+ years after my internship I still get questions about it.  I stayed true to my calling of tourism and attractions as I am now the Director of Sales and Marketing for a company that owns and manages a ski resort, water park, aerial adventure park, zip line canopy tour and the first cable wake boarding park in the Northeast. Disney principles of customer service have been with me since this internship.

Two weeks after I reported for MKCP, my mom called to tell me she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  She knew this before I left but did not tell me because she put my experience before her needs.  I told her I was on my way back home but she refused to allow that to happen.  She lived six years after her diagnosis and loved to brag about her daughter who worked for Disney World.  It did open a lot of doors for me and I will always be appreciative to my mom for her support so I could have this experience.

MKCP-Summer 1982


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