How To Get Termed From The Disney College Program

This is a list of ways people have reported to have gotten termed from the Disney College Program.  The rules change year to year so some things you couldn’t do in the past you can do now and some things you could do in the past you can’t do now.  For instance cell phones used to be a big no-no on stage but then around 2010 they changed it so you could take your cell phone out on stage to look at the time in some roles.  There are different rules for different years of the program and different rules for different roles.  When you sign up for the Disney College Program you sign a piece of paper stating that Disney can fire you for any reason at all and no reason is even a reason.

Most of the time as long as you follow the rules you won’t have any problems and even if you break few rules here and there as long as you are smart about it you probably won’t get in trouble.  For instance having guests in your apartment after hours.  If you aren’t being loud or anything that would give security a reason to come to your apartment chances are pretty good they won’t.  This doesn’t mean they can’t it just means don’t be foolish and you’ll most likely be ok.

Smuggle people into housing in the trunk of your car

“Sweethearting” merchandise or food to friends or family.

Underage Drinking

Have an orgy in the hot tub

Kick in the door of an apartment

Use the word “bitchy” to a guest because they called you “bitchy” and you say “Ma’am I’m not being bitchy”

Eating food you’re supposed to be serving

Steal toilet paper from the custodial closet

Accidentally broadcast comments about guests over all of the walkie talkies

Make a soft serve ice cream too big

Write “Stop stealing my F**king lunch” on a whiteboard backstage

Eat Dole Whip on stage, on the clock, in full costume sitting down at a guest table

Curse into the Transtar complaint voice mail

Say something in a Facebook group that gets back to management

Eat a cookie you were told you could eat and then get termed

Say “are you f**king serious?!” As a guest in front of, not at, a GR Cast Member as a manager walks by

Killing one of the demon ducks at housing and putting it in the freezer to cook later

Take home a loaf of bread from work #aladdincomplex

Have sex in the lazy river at Blizzard Beach

Keep a pocket knife in your car

Keep any kind of knife in your car

Hide or sleep in the custodial closet on your last day to avoid having to do work and get termed with half a shift to go in your program

Hop the fence at Vista or any of the housing complexes

Threaten to harm your roommates

Have an open window party

Punch a roommate

Sleep with half your coworkers at Cosmic Rays

Set the thermostat below 72

Eat a chicken nugget that your about to throw out because it’s past the time that it can be sold to guests

Use your Cast Member discount to order food for your family and your dad gets a beer but you’re underage

Hit a cop outside House of Blues

Take a box of cookies from your location during a Christmas Party

Steal a courtesy wheelchair from the parking lot and leave it on your back porch at housing

Argue with security at Housing

Go to work as a lifeguard drunk and high on whatever pills from the night before

Sneak a water gun full of vodka into the CP even at Typhoon Lagoon

Get high on your porch with your roommates

Drink a margarita from the Mexico pavilion while you work at Spaceship Earth

Give your leader a cookie

Get too trashed even if you’re over 21

Drink vodka from your water bottle on New Year’s Eve while you work at Splash Mountain

Call out and then go to CP graduation

Fight a Vista Way security guard who slept with your girlfriend

Call in sick and then go into the parks with a free pass

Celebrate your birthday by drinking around the world right before your shift as a tram operator

Show up drunk to the DCP Winter/Spring Formal

Make fake housing ID’s

Get pregnant

Get sloppy drunk and break stuff in your apartment

Check your phone for the time in a safety critical position

Throw a bottle of mustard at your roommates

Have a hookah in your apartment

Pass out on the volleyball courts

Use a fake ID to get into Pleasure Island

Jump off a boat on Pirates and take a picture with a skeleton

Swear in front of guests

Don’t shower or bathe so you get lice and contaminate your apartment so it has to be fumigated and your roommates are forced to go to the hospital to make sure they didn’t contract anything

Date your manager/trainer/coordinator

Get drunk and pissing on your roommate’s clothes

Do drugs

Accept tips in positions where you are not allowed to take tips

Drinking Coke on stage

Give your number to a girl you meet while you’re on stage

Pool hopping at the resorts

Tell us the ways you heard about CP’s getting termed in the comments below

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