Get A Universal Studios Season Pass

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Get A Universal Studios Season Pass

One of the perks of being on the Disney College Program is being able to walk in and out of any of the four Disney Theme Parks to go play.  As a CP I recommend that you take full advantage of this privilege and go play in the parks as often as you can.

What better time to explore the parks to their fullest?  There is a lot to do at Walt Disney World and when you go on vacation you always have to prioritize what attractions you are going to see which usually means cutting out some attractions to make sure you get to go to your favorites.

CP Benefits

As a CP you have the opportunity to explore the parks to their fullest.  You have the ability to go into any of the parks even just for an hour or two if you want without feeling like you did not get the full value of the cost of a park ticket.

In my opinion there is enough at Disney World to keep me happy for years so why would I get a Universal Studios Season Pass?

Why Get A Universal Studios Season Pass?

As much as I love Walt Disney World and it will always be my favorite place to go to theme parks at, I also really enjoy going to Universal Studios.  Universal Studios, while it is no Disney, offers a variety of attractions that are different from Disney.  If you get a Universal Studios season pass you gain entrance into the two Universal Studios theme parks, Universal Studios and Island of Adventures, but you also get discounts in the parks as well as at Universal’s City Walk, which has night clubs, restaurants and shops.


If you do not have a car while on the Disney College Program getting to and from Universal Studios can be tricky but with the amount of people you are going to meet as a CP you should have no problem finding friends who have a vehicle who will also want to go to Universal Studios.

See for yourself how much it costs to get a Universal Studios Season Pass

Universal Studios Tickets and Season Pass Cost Analysis

The cost of a Universal Studios one day ticket is about $150.  The cost of a Universal Studios season pass is either $215, $300 or $430 depending on which package you get.  So as you can see if you plan to go to Universal Studios just two times you might as well just get a Universal Studios Season Pass because right away you start to get discounts on food, merchandise & specialty items not to mention you save close to $100 by getting the cheapest package and you break even getting the middle package.

Needless to say if you go to Universal Studios 3 times you would end up spending 450 dollars on one day park tickets.  At that price you would be foolish not buy any of the season pass packages.  Even the most expensive season pass package, which gives you lots of extra fun stuff at Universal Studios, saves you 20 bucks after 3 visits.

Sure you can buy multi-day tickets at Universal Studios.  For instance if you buy a 2-day park ticket at Universal Studios it only costs about 200 bucks in total for two days.  However, you have to use that ticket within 14 days of your first visit.  At that price point you are already 15 dollars away from having the cheapest season pass.

Universal Studios Season Pass Monthly Payments

Universal Studios even offers a monthly payment plan so if you can’t afford the full price of a season pass up front you can pay it off over time.

Pro-Rated Universal Studios Season Pass

If you are just finding this article after you have already visited Universal Studios and you are thinking “I should have gotten a season pass but now I can’t afford one because I already spent my money on the regular park ticket.”  Fear not because as long as it is within a reasonable time period after your visit you can use your regular park ticket to go towards your season pass.

The first time I went to Universal Studios I did not think I was going to want to get a season pass so I just bought the regular park ticket.  I then realized I really enjoyed the park not too mention a couple of my roommates bought season passes so I then had a ride and people to go with.

I took my regular park ticket back to Universal Studios and they pro-rated me the price of my season pass based on the cost of my regular park ticket.

This is subject to change so while I recommend to just get a Universal Studios season pass to begin with, you can always talk to the people at ticketing there to find out if you can still get a pro-rated season pass if you buy a regular park ticket.

You can tell them you really aren’t sure whether you are going to want to come back until after you go in and play for a day and since they want you to come back they will usually let you buy a regular park ticket and then upgrade it to a season pass after the fact.

Just make sure to check with them first if this is the route you choose to take just to be sure that they will still let you upgrade your ticket and to find out how many days you have to do it if you can.


In conclusion I don’t think anyone necessarily needs to get a Universal Studios season pass while on the Disney College Program because there is so much to do at Disney World you will always be entertained.  However, Universal Studios is a lot of fun and is a great place to visit.

If you enjoy going to the theme parks at Disney then why not add two more theme parks into your deck of parks you can visit.

If you know you will visit Universal Studios at least twice just go for the season pass.

Think of it like this too, if you factor in the cost of all your theme parks together so with Universal you would have 6 theme parks to visit its like saying that if you bought the most expensive season pass at universal for 430 bucks then in total for all your theme parks you are only paying about 71 dollars for season passes to all your theme park experiences.  And if you went with the 300 dollar package its like saying its only 50 bucks for an annual pass for all 6 parks.  You can not beat that deal anywhere.

Get a Universal Studios Season Pass | Disney College Program Story

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