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No Flash Photography | Disney College Program StoryGuests never listen.  We all know that when you tell the guests not to do something, chances are good that they will immediately do what you just told them not to do.  I know it is not always intentional because they were most likely not listening to you in the first place, but it still makes you laugh and wonder why people are so stupid sometimes.

When I worked at the Wildlife Express Train at Disney’s Animal Kingdom one of my positions was conductor.  As conductor, I got to give a spiel.  The first part of the spiel was for safety and went like this:

“Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls welcome aboard the Wildlife Express Eastern Star Railway on our non-stop service to Rafiki’s Planet Watch.  At this time we would like to ask all of our guests to please remain seated keeping your hands, arms, legs and feet inside the train at all times and for the comfort and courtesy of those around you please no smoking while aboard.  Thank you.”

Those are the only rules the train had.  They were very relaxed compared to other attractions.  You could even eat and drink on the train.

I never had an issue with someone smoking on the train but I had to stop the train all the time because people would stand up or let their hands hang out of the train.  A lot of the time I know it was because guests never listen in the first place or because they did not speak English, but the rest of the time it was people who simply did not care and would let their kids stand up.

The train was not a smooth ride.  It was very jerky and if you were not expecting it, it could very easily knock you down.  At the back of the last three train cars, there is a space to load a guest in a wheelchair and sometimes when those spots were empty and the train would leave the station it would go so hard that it would literally pull the seat out from underneath guests.  It is like pulling a table cloth out from underneath a table full of plates and silverware and everything stays in place however, there is no table to catch the plates and silverware so they fall to the floor.

I genuinely was concerned about kids getting hurt because their parents were being foolish.  I did however, enjoy those moments when the adults who heard me tried to stand up real quick to take a picture and the train would jerk them around.  Karma is sweet lol.

Although it was kind of ironic to tell guests they had to stay seated because it was dangerous when I stood the whole time.  Guests would often ask me why I was allowed to stand and they were not.  I would tell them you have to go through two weeks of training to learn to stand on the train, not to mention I signed my life away to Disney and was covered by their insurance.

Wildlife Express Train Conductor | Africa | Disney's Animal Kingdom | Disney College Program Story

Guests never listen and they do not pay attention to their surroundings.  Any CP who has worked stroller parking at any attraction will back this up.  You can have all the other strollers in a perfect line much like cars in a parking lot and 99 out of 100 times the guests will jam their stroller in a place that makes no logical sense.  Then they get mad at you when you move their stroller.

What they do not realize is that if we did not move their strollers then when they got off the attraction they are on they would have to dig through a massive, cluttered pile of strollers to try and find theirs.

I know this post may sound like I am just bashing the guests but I also understand how they feel.  Look at it from the guests perspective.  When you are on vacation you are totally out of your elements, especially on a Disney vacation.  There are so many things going on around you that it is difficult to read and comprehend every sign and detail.  It’s easy for the Cast Member to think that guests are stupid because we see the signs around us every day and we have been trained how the procedures of our area work.

I can not tell you how many times I went in to the parks to play with my other Cast Member friends and they would make the same mistakes that guests would make.  I would always point out to them that they are making the very mistakes that they would get upset with guests over.  I know I have made mistakes like that myself and when I do I think about how that Cast Member probably thinks I am stupid because now that I know the answer it is quite obvious.

So just be understanding when guests make mistakes that seem stupid to us the Cast Member because chances are good that you would make or already have made the same mistakes yourself.

Have you ever been in a situation with guests not listening or being foolish?  Share your story in the comments section below or:

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