How did I manage to ruin a vacation tonight?

I was working in Magic Kingdom again and saw a group of Guests wearing Auburn shirts, and of course I call out “War Eagle!” They respond with a “War Eagle!” There’s another family walking along who call out “Roll Tide!”
We all stop what we’re doing (including me because the Southerner in me has to) for some mild mannered trash talk. We stop, we have a laugh, and we start talking about where we’re from and asking plans for the Iron Bowl tomorrow. Basically, everyone in the conversation knew that it’s all in good fun.
It wasn’t long until security shows up.
“Is everything alright over here?”
I answer “Yeah, except we have Bammers lurking around.”
One of the Bama family “Hey, champions come to Disney.”
We laugh. Security guy asks again.
“Are you sure everything is ok?”
“Yeah, everything’s fine. We’re just goofing. A little Iron Bowl fun.”
“That makes a lot more sense. I had a Guest say something to me. I was just coming over to check on things.”
Auburn family “What? What did they think we were doing?”
Security “The Guest thought that Judith (that’s what’s on my name tag) was trying to break up a fight. So maybe keep the trash talk to a minimum?”
We agree, he walks off.

They start teasing me along the lines of “Damn, Judith, you cause all sorts of problems” and we go right back to Iron Bowl talk.
But then we hear someone yelling. There’s a frazzled looking woman yelling at our security guy. Tune into the conversation, this woman had to have been the one to complain because she’s yelling at him for not moving the Guests away from “That poor little defenseless employee girl.” I laugh on the inside.

Both families think the best course of action is to go over and explain that there’s no trouble. So we go over as a group. I speak to her and start explaining things. She’s having NONE of it!
“You don’t have to defend them! Why are you defending them?” Turns to security “You should be defending her from this riff raff!”
I try again with explaining there really isn’t any trouble, that it’s just a sports thing and we’re clowning around.
Nope. Not good enough. “You’re still doing it! Stop being afraid! You know what? I’m done! Thanks for ruining my vacation! Women aren’t safe at Disney!”


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