I was a Disney fanatic so when I found out the Magic Kingdom College Program was recruiting at my college, BGSU, I went to the meeting to find out what it was all about. I applied and was interviewed on campus and waited. I was accepted and moved into Snow White Village in January of 1985. The trailers we lived in were double wides with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a shared kitchen. My immediate roommate was from Mexico City, Mexico. I was a sales hostess at Kernal Hattie’s Safari Club in Adventure Land.

Lots of things were different….transportation was in vans, seminars were required, we were only allowed to have one costume and Snow White was kind of crazy. There were about 500 college students living there, so you can imagine things were wild. There were 2 security guards and they didn’t see a lot of things that went on and besides them, there was no on site supervision.  Snow White was in pretty isolated location..I know it’s not now, but back then 535 was a country road with hardly anything around it. It was a great experience and I did stay on for the summer and did a short term rental at Vista Way. That also looks nothing like it did back then!!


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