Magical moment for me at Epcot

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My favorite park to visit by myself has always been Epcot. One day after working a short shift at the Animal Kingdom I was debating whether to workout or go to a park. I decided I could do both since walking around the parks is by itself a workout. I chose Epcot and figured if I walked around the park twice, that would be good enough for me. I parked at Beach Club so I could get some extra distant and walk around the lake there and boardwalk. I went into Epcot through the side entrance between France and the UK and headed in a clockwise direction around the park passing by Figment, Soarin’, Nemo and so forth. 
After my first lap I decided to reverse my direction and go back through world showcase. I was going through Mexico when a cast member unknowingly asked if I was a cast member. It’s funny how we can spot each other considering I had no badges showing and was in total street clothes

I said I was a CP. He asked me if I wanted to try out the new fast service restaurant LA Cantina de San Angel. They were doing a soft opening.I said thanks but I’m trying not to spend money on this visit. He said “it’s totally free! We are just practicing operations so you just order whatever you want and then fill out a card afterwards.” Obviously I said yes to that.

I got a free meal that was delicious. I got tacos, churros and a drink all compd. Sure I ended up eating probably more calories than I burned off but who cares lol. 

This was the best magical moment I have ever received. I’ll never forget that night. Apparently the opening was supposed to be by invitation but for some reason the cast member who was out front that day decided that I should get a special meal. 

Only at Disney do magical moments as small as this happen. It’s all part of the magic of Disney. Now whenever I go back to Disney I try to eat at that restaurant. The food is delicious and I have great memories since the beginning of it being there.

I don’t remember the cast members name who invited me in but thank you so much for going above and beyond to make another cast members day!

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