After I was accepted for the College Program, my family was excited to hear that good things were coming my way as well as how I was able to save up enough money to pay for program fees and any other miscellaneous that I will be needing while I was going to Orlando. 

As getting accepted to the program was a start of something wonderful, it came with a price. While working for a museum, I received terrible news that my grandfather had died from a slip and fall transitioned into organ failures. He was very old and we loved him very dearly; despite that I had a difficult time communicating in a language that I understand but not able to speak. After the funeral, me and my mom noticed that one of my dogs had been coughing for a month and we had to take him to the vet to discover he not only had fluid in his lungs but there were traces of  cancer cell near his lungs. So its been a mess of an “in between” before my program even started. It was terrible that I had thoughts of turning down my offer since it made me feel that it was unfair that instead of facing the problem head on,  I was running away with the mouse.

Because I had these thoughts, I had to discuss with my mom and dad on whether I should withdraw my offer or not. They advised me that turning it down would not only ruin everything I’ve worked for but it would also really make me look bad in front of the Company. They even told me that Diazes always keep moving forward and we never pass out on an opportunity of a LIFETIME! After that discussion, it became clear that I have to not withdraw my offer and proceed with the plan on doing the program. Sure it had some ups and downs in the end so it was worth it. However, to this day I often wonder if turning down an offer like that would make a difference and if it was a better decision down the road. In fact, I often find myself in my job at a cruise terminal if I made the right decision.  

So what I can say is if you’re thinking about doing the program, think long and hard. 

Editor’s note: Sorry if this isn’t much of a good first post or even a happy post but I just want to let everyone know that at first it will feel wonderful getting accepted to the program but what will kill you the most is the in-between! So I suggest thinking about it before you make that big decision.


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