After I packed up my stuff, my family decided to bring four of my dogs; including our cancer dog, to a house we rented. I was too excited but nervous about my experience; even my parents were feeling this way.

On the day of check in, my dad noticed my car had sprung a leak so we decided that while I was doing boarding, he would have it taken to a shop to be investigated and resolved. Of course while I was getting checked in I was pretty stressed on my car situation since I was in Patterson where the only way of getting to and from work is to take the trash sta- uh I mean Transtar from Chatham. 


Once  I finished checking in to my apartment, I headed to my apartment hoping a “Surprise! Welcome to the program I’m so and so…”. Instead I was welcomed to a messy apartment where it looked like no one was living there. I checked the bedroom to find two of my roommates asleep and a note on the top bunk that was intended for me. I wanted to wake their butt up but chose not to since first impressions are always your last! 

Once I finished checking out my place, I placed my apartment key with the car keys and gave it to my dad to have the car checked out while I was at casting. Of course as I got there, I was amazed by the statues and the overhead. Little did I know my sunglasses broke apart making me look and feel like the awkward person of the college program. After I was boarded, I had to return to my apartment only to find out my car was in the shop being repaired for a broken coolant. The terrible part is I can’t go back into my apartment because the keys are with the car. So I spent 3-4 hours aimlessly wandering in Chatham square and Patterson waiting for a ride and note that I’m hesitant with getting a Lyft back for the rental home. 


Once the car got fixed and my dad picked me up, we got a text that hurricane Irma was heading towards Florida and that it hit Puerto Rico. It got me and my family worried since they are 300 miles away from home and if it came close, they will have to cut their trip short and have the house storm ready. On a lighter note: I did get to meet my roommates late at night and so did my parents who helped me get my stuff inside with groceries and appliances.


Sadly on the next day, what we feared became a reality: Hurricane Irma is projected to hit Miami in less than three days. So my family had to cut their trip short and not only was it the last time I see them in Orlando but it was the last time I ever saw my cancer dog. After my housing meeting, I had to rush over to the nearest supermarket to get canned goods, water, and batteries to be prepared. 


I wish i can can add more but as of now, this is about my check in experience. By reading it: it sounded like it was a terrible yet funny experience but the important thing is these are somethings that I look back to and probably some may have some awkward introductions to the program. 


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