My first CP in 2011.

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In Fall of 2010, I received a email that changed my life forever. I had been accepted into the Disney College Program. Hooray! Having never been to WDW before I was super excited to move to FL and take a break from school. When my check in day came in February 2011, I met what would become my first set of roommates. Things went down hill quickly after that. I lived with 5 other girls in Patterson. All  were rude, loud and slobs. After 4 months of this I moved to Chattum in a one bedroom. My new roommate quit her program shortly after I moved in. A week later her bed was filled with my 7th. She was horrible to live with. Friends over all the time and she tried to get my program terminated saying I stole from her. Moved again. Now in a 3 bedroom for my last few week’s before my programmed ended in August. I loved my role working Front Desk, but I was l so unhappy and broke that I had to borrow money for gas and food. I almost quit many times. But there would be some guests that would make all the pain my living situation was causing all worth it. Looking back now I’m glad I stayed. I went home to finished school, did another CP in 2013 and was offered FT the next year. I wouldn’t be here now if I quit was things were difficult. My advice is don’t quit your program. Keep going. There are people you can reach out to for help. Ask your leaders or front desk in your apartment. You can do it!

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