My story begins in 2009. I had just finished my last day at the parks at WDW, and was standing in line about to embark to the Bahamas. I was standing next to Goofy, when a cast member approached me and asked if I was a cast member myself. I replied with a “No, I wish…” when she told me about the college program.

I applied as soon as the application was open, talking on AIM to my friends I had made. Waiting for my purple folder felt like an eternity. I had received my email before my folder, and ran to tell my parents.


Flash forward to January 11th, 2010. I landed in Orlando to learn it was snowing in Miami. I stepped off the plane to the magical express, not knowing I’d be starting the best couple months of my life.


The college program made me realize that impeccable customer service can and will get you far in life.


I opted for Patterson, got 5 awesome roommates, worked at Soarin’, as well as FANTASMIC!, turned 21


, met my best friends, ate and drank around EPCOT, went to the ocean for the first time, and much more. My video documenting my first month and CP experiences are available on YouTube. Username J3SSAAAH . They were recently featured on this site.


The Walt Disney company changed my life, and will change yours as well.

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