I need to start out this story by saying is happened in January 2002 only a couple weeks after my spring Disney College Program started. At this time it was still somewhat expensive to have mobile phones so we only had a LAN line in our apartment using a cordless phone.

One morning I walked out of my bedroom to one of my roommates wrapping up a phone conversation with the administration desk at Vista Way. After he hung up the phone he proceeded to tell me that he broke our window.

He said he was on the phone with his girlfriend from back in New York when it happened. He had gotten into an argument with her and got so mad that he threw our phone through the window of our apartment on the third floor of building 33 in Vista Way.

The phone was fine and he immediately called the admin office and told them what had happened and that he would fully pay for the window.

They were actually pretty cool with him because he had called right away instead of trying to hide it. They fixed the window, he paid for it and that was the end of that situation.

I was glad he did not get term’d because I have heard of people getting term’d for less than breaking a window in their apartment. I think it was because he called right away and owned up to his mistake that he did not get in trouble for it. Also there would have been a chance that all of us in the apartment could have gotten in trouble if he tried to hide it and was found during inspection or something.

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