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Magical Moments at Walt Disney World

One of the best things about being a CP is the ability to create magic for families.  As a CP there are daily opportunities to brighten guests’ days.  No matter what position you have you have to ability to create magical moments.  Whether that means letting guests...

Stroller Parking Vengeance At Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Stroller Parking Vengence at Wildlife Express Train in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Stroller parking at the Wildlife Express Train was a mess as I’m sure it is at most places around the parks.  Guests just park their stroller near other strollers with no order at all....

Disney’s Hurricane Pay Policy 2017

This information comes straight from Disney 9/14/2017: "The word "unprecedented" is tossed around a lot, but Hurrican Irma was all of that and then some.  As I write this, we have Cast Members who are going through the aftermath of the largest hurricane in Atlantic...

Don’t Move My Carriage

There were a lot of moments during my time at Disney that made me go "wtf," but this is probably one of my favorites. I got scheduled to work the night of a Mickey's Not So Scary Party, and I worked in Fantasyland at the Pan/small world Complex. This was pre-New...

The great fall

During my DCP, I worked as an attractions hostess at Mission:SPACE  in EPCOT. One day, I was working in an Orange, more intense bay (the one that spins). Part of our procedure for prepping incoming guests is to lead them to their pre-boarding circle so that they can...

Rain at Walt Disney World

Rain at Walt Disney World is inevitable.  Accepting a position with Disney on the Walt Disney World College Program means you accept a role but you have no idea where at Walt Disney World you are going to be located.  You could be positioned anywhere at Disney that...

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