Don’t Move My Carriage

There were a lot of moments during my time at Disney that made me go “wtf,” but this is probably one of my favorites. I got scheduled to work the night of a Mickey’s Not So Scary Party, and I worked in Fantasyland at the Pan/small world Complex. This was pre-New Fantasyland, so stroller parking … Continue reading Don’t Move My Carriage

Trying to Dodge the Sprinklers at Housing

The four housing complexes for the Disney College Program all have sprinklers to water the grass.  You will quickly find that they run these sprinklers whether it’s raining or not. Also, these sprinklers might not even be pointed at the grass.  Some of them are just pouring water out all over the sidewalks and parking … Continue reading Trying to Dodge the Sprinklers at Housing

Disney College Program Pools

Disney College Program Pools Housing for the Disney College Program has many amenities, one of the being pools.  There are 5 pools in total; 2 pools at Vista Way, 1 at Chatham Square, 1 at Patterson, and 1 at The Commons.  The great thing is that no matter what complex you live in, you have … Continue reading Disney College Program Pools

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