During my CP I had been working Merchandise at The Caribbean Beach Resort at Old Port Royale. This was also my second program, so by now I knew how things worked and how awful some guests could be. My first program was Typhoon Lagoon QSF&B. (Never again.)

So one night I’m ringing up a guest from New Jersey, who was also with his daughter. I’m from New Jersey as well… but Disney recruited me from Western State Colorado University so that’s where my name tag said I was from.

I have NO CLUE what was up this guys butt, but he was the RUDEST human I had ever met, and his daughter looked mortified. So I killed him with kindness until he finally said to me… “So, you went to school in Colorado to what? Stand at a register all day?”

At this point I was dumbfounded and fuming, but still kept a Disney smile plastered on my face.  Finished bagging him up, and his daughter was beat red.

I told my manager what had happened. She said, “You should of said to him- so you come to Disney to what- stay at a moderate resort? Surely you could do better.”

I wish I had. They told me to take 5, regain my composure… then back on the register.


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