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Should I Take A Disney College Program Class

Should I Take A Disney College Program Class

While on the Disney College Program you will have the option to take classes that Disney provides to CP’s.  Some colleges require that you take a class to get credit but if your college does not require it then the decision is up to you.

This article will focus on information from my personal experience, other CP’s experiences that I knew while on both my Disney College Programs and polls I have taken on Disney College Program Facebook groups.

First off I will say in short that the answer to the question “Should I take a Disney College Program Class?” is that it is really up to you unless your college requires you to take one.  This article is going to be more of a pros and cons of taking a Disney College Program class to help you make your decision.

My Opinion

Personally I did not take classes while I was on either of my Disney Internships.  On my first program I was going to a community college that was not going to give me credit either way and on my second program I did not need any more credits to graduate so again I chose not to take any of the offered Disney College Program classes.

I was glad that I did not take any classes because it meant my free time was my free time to go and do anything I wanted without having to worry about going to a class or doing homework.  Most of my CP friends who did take classes were, a lot of the time, unable to go and do some of the things I did because they would have to get up early for their classes.

The classes are scheduled on your days off so you on one or two of your days off will have to go to classes.

Facebook Poll

I took a poll on Facebook to see what others thought about taking a class on the Disney College Program and I was actually surprised to see that more people than not said they were glad they took a class and that they gained a lot from it.  \

There were a few people who said they hated their classes but not many.  I guess you either love your class or you hate it and there is not much in between.

When I took the Facebook poll I thought for sure most people were going to say they hated their classes and that you should not take one, but I was wrong.

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Disney offers a lot of interesting topics for classes to take that you would not get to take anywhere else.  The classes do fill up quick so you should make your decision by the time you get accepted to the Disney College Program and sign up ASAP.

Unfortunately there does not seem to be one right answer for everybody so you need to do your research to decide whether it is right for you.

Here is a simple pros and cons list to help you decide:

Pros to taking a Disney College Program Class:

  • You can earn college credit.
  • You can meet leaders and higher ups within the Disney Company to help you network.
  • You get to take unique courses that are only offered on the Disney College Program.
  • You can meet more peers on the Disney College Program that you have one more thing in common with.
  • You get a certificate of completion for taking a Disney College Program Class.

Cons to taking a Disney College Program Class:

  • You will most likely have homework.
  • The class will most likely be scheduled on your days off.  You usually have two days off a week but during the peak season you will only have one day off a week which means on your only day off you will have to go to class.
  • Classes are usually early in the morning.
  • The class will take away from time you could be spending in the parks.
  • Some colleges will not accept these classes as credit towards your major or may only count the credit as elective credit.  Make sure you check with your college what kind of credit your will get from Disney College Program classes as this may be a deciding factor for some.
  • Classes may not be at the housing location so will you have to plan extra time to get to your class and if you do not have a car this means working around the bus schedule.

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More of My Opinion

Now I will give you my personal opinion to the question “Should I take a Disney College Program Class” here.  For me the answer was no.  Even If I would have gotten credit I still would have said no to classes.  Even if you do get credit it is not a lot so I felt my free time was more valuable than a couple extra college credits.

I say only take a class if you are required to by your college or you see a class that you are 110% excited about taking.

I am glad that I did not take any classes while I was a CP.  I had all my free time to do whatever I wanted.  I was able to be spontaneous each day off and go to the different parks all the time.

For me the Disney College Program is all about life experience and I was able to squeeze so much out of it with all the free time I had.  While I was a CP I stayed up late and got up early.  The Disney College Program is such a short time and is over in the blink of an eye.  You have to make every second count or you will get to the end of your program, look back and say “I wish I had done this or that.”  Classes can be good, but for me I would have not liked to have a class that took up more of my free time, but only because I used my free time wisely.


In conclusion if your college does not require a class then follow your heart.  Do not take a class because your parents think you should or because you see a topic that you THINK will be good.  Know for sure that you want to take a class.  Be absolutely certain.

In all my research on this topic I have not had anyone who did not take a class tell me that they wish they would have taken a class while on the Disney College Program but I have met a lot of people who did take a class who said they wish they did not take a class.

I merely say this to point out that fact that not taking a class is less of a gamble than taking a class and that is why I say make sure you are 110% sure that you want to take a class and when you make that decision go all in to it.  If you decide to take a class do not second guess your decision.  Go to classes, pay attention and get all you can out of it.

If you decide not to take a class do not be lazy on your days off.  Make every second count.  Do not let your program fly by you while you sit in your apartment saying I’m going to rest today and do something tomorrow.

Share your Opinion!

I hope I have helped you to answer the question “Should I take a Disney College Program Class.”  Please share your experiences and opinions in the comment section below.  Let your voice be heard and help others decide whether they should take a Disney College Program Class.  Your story can help someone with their decision to take a class.  Share what you have found that you wish you had known before you did your Disney College Program.

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