The Grilled Cheese Incident

Roommate:  I feel like making a grilled cheese.

Me:  OK.

Roommate goes into kitchen and searches the refrigerator and cabinets for 5 minutes. Comes back into living room.

Roommate:  I guess I have no food. Can I borrow your food to make a grilled cheese sandwich?

Me:  Okay, I guess.

Roommate goes back into kitchen. Comes back in 2 minutes.

Roommate:  How do you make a grilled cheese?

Me: Take two slices of bread, butter them, put two slices of cheese in the middle and cook it in the small pan for 3 minutes on each side.

Roommate goes back into kitchen.

Five minutes later:

Roommate:  This doesn’t look right.

I go into kitchen to look at what she’s cooking.

Me:  The bread needed to be buttered on the outside to grill it, not the inside.

Roommate: Is this the ‘common’ way to make a grilled cheese?

Me (puzzled):  It’s the only way I know.

Roommate: So there might be another way to make a grilled cheese?

Me (stares at roommate):  Maybe you should google it.

Roommate (smug):  I thought so.

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