The Guest That Broke My Brain

The Guest That Broke My Brain

It was Christmas time, the busiest time of the year at Disney World. I was working at the Wildlife Express train at the engineer (driver) position. We had just loaded up the train and I was closing the doors and heading the front cab to drive the train. When I got to the first passenger car a guest stopped me to ask me if the train would take him to Asia. I explained to him that the train only goes to one other station aside from the Africa station which we were about to leave. I told him we would be heading to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. He said ok so I hopped in the train and off we went.

We got to Rafiki’s Planet Watch and I let all the guests off the train. All guests except for this one guy and his family had left the platform. This guy was confused and asked me if we were in Asia. I explained to him again that this was Rafiki’s Planet Watch which is another section of the park seperate from Asia. He asked me how he can get to Asia from Rafiki’s Planet Watch. I told him he would have to get back on the train, take it back to Africa and then walk to Asia from there. He again said ok, got back on the train and sat down with his family.

I let the next group of guests at Rafiki’s Planet Watch board the train. As I was waiting for all the guests to board the train I heard the guy calling to me “sir? excuse me? excuse me sir?” I walked over to him to see what he needed. This time he had his map out. Pointing to Asia on the map he said “is this where we are now?” I told him that he was pointing to Asia and that we were at Rafiki’s Planet Watch as I pointed at Rafiki’s Planet Watch on the map. He again said ok.

Here is what the map looked like that he was using. You can clearly see the train.  I know it may look like you should be able to get to Asia from Rafiki’s Planet Watch but even after I explained to him that you could not get to Asia from Rafiki’s Planet Watch he was still confused.

I began shutting the doors to the train heading towards the front cab. As I came passed this guy and his family again he stopped me to ask if the train would take hime to Asia. My brain was hurting at this point. I told him again that the train only has two stops, Rafiki’s Planet Watch which we were about to leave and Harambe Station in Africa where we started from and where about to head back to. He looked at me blankly. I showed him on the map very specifically saying “This is the Africa station were we started from” as I pointed to the Africa station. I then moved my finger along the train tracks from the Africa station to the Rafiki’s Planet Watch station on the map saying “This is the way we went to get here, Rafiki’s Planet Watch.” Next I moved my finger along the map from the Rafiki’s Planet Watch station saying “We are now leaving this station at Rafiki’s Planet Watch to go back to the first and only other station in Africa. There are only two stations for this train. The one we started at in Africa and the one we are at now, Rafiki’s Planet Watch. We are now going to go back to the first station in Africa so when we get to the next and only other stop you will want to exit the train and then from there you can walk to Asia.” He said ok.

We got back to the Africa station and let all the guests off the train. After the platform was clear I noticed that there was still a group of guests sitting on the train, it was that guy and his family. I walked over to them to find out why they were still sitting on the train since I told him that they would need to exit the train at this stop to get to Asia. When I walked up to him I asked “are you planning on going back to Rafiki’s Planet Watch?” He said “no we want to go to Asia.” I said “You will need to exit the train here to get to Asia.” He said “This is Asia?” I said “No but you can not get to Asia on the train. You have to exit here and then walk to Asia.” He said “Oh!” as he and his family gathered their belongs and exited the train.

I opened the gates to start loading the next group of guests on the train. The guy came up to me again with his map out and said “where are we now?” I pointed to Africa and said “We are in Africa” Then I followed the trail on the map to get to Asia and said “This is how you get to Asia.” He stood there with a blank look on his face still confused.

At this point point my brain is beyond hurting from trying to help this guy. I do not know how I could have possibly been any clearer. I wondered how this man managed to get him and his family to Disney World in the first place if he can not even follow the simple directions I was giving him.

I finally said to the guy “I am sorry. I think I have been confusing you more than I have helped.” I pointed at another Cast Member to the entrance of the train walkway at the top of the hill and said “See that Cast Member up there by that umbrella? He knows the parks way better than I do. Head up to him and he can help guide you to Asia.” The guy was very greatful and headed out of the train station to go talk to the Cast Member at the top of the hill. I felt bad sending him off to bug someone else but at that point I also felt like the only thing else I could do to help them would be to take his hand and walk him to Asia.

I forgot to talk to whoever that Cast Member was to see how it went trying to help this but I can only imagine how that went. If I had to guess that guy probably ended up at the Japanese Pavillion at Epcot asking where the roller coaster is.

And that was the only guest to ever break my brain.

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