The Struggle Train


We all know that being a DCP is amazing in its own ways but when Thanksgiving came around this year it was quite the water fall of tears for me. When I got to the College Program in September and moved in to Chatham I was a nervous wreck because this was my first time moving out of my home town with out any of my family or my boyfriend living with me. Once I settled in it was very comforting because I have two amazing roommates living with me that they were a big help for my unsettled nerves. Halloween came and gone. I got to see my boyfriend, dad, and step-mom in the month of October. When it became November I was excited because the weather here was feeling better and the housing events seemed fun. With those things on my mind and working 40+ hours a week I was not thinking much about being away from my family on Thanksgiving. Closer to Thanksgiving I started getting homesick a bunch from hearing my family talk about preparing for Thanksgiving meals and where they were going. The night before Thanksgiving I told myself I would be fine because I was going to be at work and be distracted from not being home. Nope that didn’t work. I woke up that morning super upset. I was having flashbacks of what I should be doing this morning with family. So I thought I would do it alone instead of not at all. I got out of bed and went and started watching the Macy’s Day Parade like we did everything Thanksgiving morning while my dad finished preparing the food for lunch. After that I watching some of the dog show before work. On my way to work I was overwhelmed with emotion and anxiety I didn’t know what to do. Once at work and seeing all the families together it did not help. Usually my friends from work helped my mood get better but all of them were upset as well because they weren’t home either. After about 4 hours of work my anxiety and emotions were at an all time high since moving here. I decided to talk to one of my leaders about how I was feeling because I just could not take it anymore. I was nervous while talking to her because I thought she would think I was acting silly, to my surprise she totally understood how I felt! She gave me an ROS so I could go back to my apartment and feel better for the next work day.

After having this experience during Thanksgiving while being a CP I am thankful I have gotten the pleasure of being here at this time of year. I’m glad I can experience the Disney magic back stage through Disney’s cast members. It is super hard to be away from home for the first time on the holidays but from my experience this Thanksgiving I know Disney has us CPs covered if we need anything. Just speak up and don’t hold back your emotions and anxiety until you explode like I did. This experience is hard because its such a go go type of life but if us CPs stick together we can make it through our programs and have a wonderful time.


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