Trying to Dodge the Sprinklers at Housing

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The four housing complexes for the Disney College Program all have sprinklers to water the grass.  You will quickly find that they run these sprinklers whether it’s raining or not.

Also, these sprinklers might not even be pointed at the grass.  Some of them are just pouring water out all over the sidewalks and parking lot.

If you have a car make sure you roll up your windows if you are parked next to the grass or these rogue sprinklers might soak the inside of your car.

Be ready to sprint passed the sprinklers when walking the sidewalks.  When the sprinklers are on there is a very good chance they are spraying all over the sidewalk and you will get wet if you do not dodge them.

Sometimes there is no dodging them, though.  Sometimes you just have to bolt through them hoping to minimize how wet you get.

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