One of the most difficult things about the Disney College Program besides long work hours is remembering and following all the rules.  Probably the most difficult rule to follow for those under 21 is the no drinking policy.  If you are in a wellness apartment then there is absolutely no alcohol permitted in your apartment.

In fact you can get termed if your roommate has alcohol in the apartment even if you do not partake.  I can’t say I know of this rule being enforced strictly.  Most of the time they will only term those who were present at the time when security found alcohol in a wellness apartment.  I think they have this rule in place more so they could if they had reasonable suspicion.

Breaking this rule is probably the number one reason students get termed from the Disney College Program.  I knew a lot of people who because of underage drinking got kicked of the program.  It is extremely sad to see friends’ program cut short because of they were drinking underage in one of the Disney College Program complexes.

On my first program I was 18 so I was in a wellness apartment.  The saddest day of my first program was when I came home after staying with some family who had come down to Disney for vacation for a few days and four of my friends who lived in the apartments on the first and second level.  They had one six pack between the four of them.  Hardly enough to give four people even a slight buzz.

We had all only been on the program for about a month to a month and a half when this happened.  I felt so bad for them.  We had a goodbye party with them which everyone was crying at so it was not the most fun party to be at.  It was so sad to watch them leave when even though they were not supposed to have alcohol in their apartments at all they only had one six pack between four people.  It hardly seems worth it to me.

Chilling with some friends at Vista Way | 5 Tips to make the most of your Disney College Program | Disney College Program Story

Farewell Party for my four friends that got kicked off the Disney College Program for having one six pack between the four of them.

So remember to be careful when it comes to drinking on the Disney College Program.  If you are underage you know it is illegal to drink but I know a lot of people are going to drink anyways.  Before you decide to drink make sure you can accept getting kicked off the Disney College Program.  I can tell you that my two friends who got termed were pretty tough guys and they were crying like crazy because they knew what they had to leave.  If you are going to drink go somewhere else to do it.  Don’t drink underage in the Disney housing complexes.  The reward is not worth the risk.  Don’t let one night of fun ruin what can be the greatest experience of your life.

In the comments below tell us about your experiences with underage drinking and the Disney College program whether it be your own experience or someone else’s that you knew or heard about.

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