The Guest That Almost Beat The System Until They Met Me


On my first Disney College Program in the spring of 2002 I worked FastPass at the Magic Kingdom.  FastPass used to be on it’s own and we were responsible for helping with the distributing of FastPass’s, Validating the FastPass’s to make sure the guests had the correct time and could come into the FastPass line and then merging the FastPass line with the standby line.  Those were our only three positions at any given FastPass attraction.

One day I was working merge point at Jungle Cruise.  The FastPass line was slow to the point where the merge took care of itself without needing my help so I decide to go up to the FastPass line entrance to help validate tickets and because I was bored, talk to my friend who was at that position at the time.


The standby line wait was only about 20 minutes and everything was going smoothly until a woman and her son came over to us wanting to go through the FastPass line only she did not have a valid FastPass to allow her to enter.

She explained to us that when she came earlier to get her FastPass the machine gave her back a ticket that said “NOT A VALID FASTPASS TICKET” similar to the one in the picture below.

Not a Valid Fastpass Ticket | Exepedition Everest, Kali River Rapids, Dinosaur, Peter Pan's Flight, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Star Tours, Toy Story Midway Mania, Kilimanjaro Safaris, Soarin', Test Track, Mission Space, Rock n Roller CoasterI explained to her that the reason she got this ticket was because she already had an active FastPass ticket and could not get another one until the previous tickets start time or two hours from the time she received the previous ticket.


She told me I was wrong and that this was the only attraction she did not have FastPass tickets for and proceeded to pull out her stack of FastPass tickets from every single other attraction in the Magic Kingdom.

I knew right away she had cheated the system somehow because it was only about 11a.m. and there was no possible way based on the return times on those tickets to get a FastPass for every single attraction in the park minus one.

As she was debating with me her point people had been coming into the FastPass line with valid tickets and the queue was about half full at this point so my friend said just head back to merge point and I will handle this.

I started to make my way back to merge point and instead of pushing my way passed everyone I just stood in line to wait to get back to my position.  As I was standing there I turned around to see how many more guests had entered the line when I saw the woman and her son a few groups back.  I looked at my friend at validation and he just shrugged his shoulders as if to say “She just walked in the line and I’m not sure what to do at this point”

I decided now would be a good time to collect everyone’s FastPass Tickets so I announced loudly to everyone in the FastPass line “Hello folks.  At this time I will be collecting FastPass tickets please have them out and ready for me.  Thank you.”

I started collecting FastPass tickets from the guests in front of me then the guests behind me.  I made my way to the woman and her son and I said “Howdy ma’am I’ll need to collect your FastPass tickets at this time.”


This is when she started to get loud with me.  She said loudly “I already told you I do not have a FastPass ticket.”  I said kindly and calmly “Oh ok.  No problem.  You will just need to go back out this way (pointing to the FastPass entrance) and then go right into the the standby line right over there (pointing to the standby entrance…with two fingers of course).  This is the FastPass line and you will need a valid ticket to use this queue.”

She continued to argue with me why she should be in the FastPass line.  The whole time I was being as kind to her as possible trying to kill her with kindness because I knew it was making her more upset.

At this point too everyone in the entire ride queue was watching the situation unfold because this woman was being very loud and very rude.  I told her pointing to the standby line “All these folks have been waiting and it is not fair that you get to cut in front of all of them who followed the system.”


Finally I said “Alright, is this your son?  He looks like a nice boy.  If you want to show him that what you are doing right now is OK and this is the lesson you want him to learn then if it makes you feel better please by all means go right on ahead.”  She loudly said “It Does!” and walked passed me.  I said “Have a magical day.” and that was that.

Everyone in the crowd was actually laughing because of the way I handled it.  It worked out because no one in the standby line was mad at me for letting her go through the standby line which was a concern that if I let her through just to shut her up that I would make all the guests who had been waiting in the standby mad.


The next day I was at Winnie the Pooh validation when I saw the woman and her son walking by and I yelled to her “Howdy!  Did you have a good time on the Jungle Cruise?”  She would not even make eye contact with me.


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